Christmas Gift Guide - Men's Stocking Fillers

I've had the most fun picking out these stocking filler ideas for men! Me personally, (as a woman) would love lots of these too - aside from the glitter beard perhaps! Haha. These are all a bit of fun, nothing too serious - just like a stocking should be! So here are my Men's Stocking Fillers ideas! {This post contains affiliate links}

Retro Games Controller // Glitter Beard Kit // Nanodots // Tommy Hilfiger Socks // Zippo Lighter // Rubiks Cube Speaker // Fidget Cube // Chocolate Brussel Sprouts // Smartphone Projector

I absolutely love this Retro Games Controller! My brother used to have a similar one that allowed us to play lots of retro games! This controller is really cool, you just plug the lead into the back of the TV and away you go! It's so easy to set up & play. With 200 classic retro games, it's a lot of fun for any age. But I know plenty of men who wouldn't let anyone else have a look in!

If your man-friend is a bit of a bearded fellow (Haha) Why not help him get into the festive spirit with an awesome Glitter Beard Kit! I love this idea, it's so bizarre, it's amazing! (Honestly, If I had a beard..I'd buy it for myself! Hahaha

Nanodots are little, but powerful magnets that join together to allow you create different structures & shapes - or just fiddle with. They can also hold up to 1,000 times their weight! They are really strong, and lots of fun!

Socks are just an essential Christmas present, aren't they. I mean people say they don't want socks - but who doesn't need socks?! My husband always asks for socks! So why not buy some fancier socks for the man in your life! These Tommy Hilfiger Socks feature a mix of styles and colours, and come in a fancy box too!

How about a windproof Zippo Lighter? Zippo lighters are a classic brand, and they are always well made - and come in a variety of styles!

I have a little Bluetooth speaker, and I use it all the time! So I really recommend them. This  Rubiks Cube Speaker is a fun, retro alternative! It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth so you can stream your music wherever you are. Not to mention the fun light settings!

I much prefer the idea of a Fidget Cube to the spinners, they look safer, and a lot more fun to fiddle with. Perfect for those who have trouble staying still, anxiety or fidgeting - they are great fun to keep your fingers busy!

It wouldn't be a stocking without some chocolate, right? So how about some extra festive Chocolate Brussel Sprouts! These look amazing! I wonder if you could trick anyone!

Last but not least, definitely something I'd love myself - A Smartphone Projector! I tend to watch everything on my phone, but it is small and hard to concentrate on! Having a projector could turn any room into a mini cinema! Love it!

Do you buy stocking fillers for the men in your life?

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