Freddie's Flowers {Review}

I absolutely love having beautiful flowers in my home. There's just something so uplifting about filling your home with pretty flowers isn't there. I have always been jealous of family members who can just go out into their garden and pick their own beautiful bouquet. I wish I was one of those people who bought flowers for themselves, (or had flowers bought for them!) on a regular basis! That's why I was so excited when I came across the fantastic company Freddie's Flowers who deliver a gorgeous fresh bunch of flowers, right to your door!
My flowers arrived in a long cardboard box, packaged up really well. After opening the box there were clear instructions of what to do, details of the types of flowers I had received and how to arrange them! I was so pleased there were tips of how to arrange the bouquet, I honestly would have had no idea! All I had to before arranging my flowers was chop a bit off of each stem, and pop them in water! 

In my beautiful bouquet, there were Avalanche Roses - gorgeous big white roses, Brassica - big purple flowers, which is actually a member of the cabbage family. (It makes me think of Little Shop of Horrors!), Eucalyptus - it has such a beautiful scent, and Sweet Rosa.

I absolutely love the idea behind Freddie's Flowers. For only £22 & free delivery, you can have a stunning bunch of flowers delivered straight to your door. It's like the ultimate happy mail. I mean, who wouldn't be happy receiving flowers every week or two.

I definitely feel like I couldn't keep up with £22 a week (although I'd love it!), but I could definitely see myself subscribing to every 2 weeks, or perhaps monthly. It would just be something lovely to look forward to every month. 

The only issue I have had so far with Freddie's Flowers is they aren't very quick at responding to you. I've sent emails & tweets over the past few weeks, but no response yet!

Aside from that, they are really beautiful flowers, and the delivery was excellent.
If you love the look of Freddie's Flowers, they are giving you amazing people 50% off your first two boxes when you sign up - with the code WMFF10

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