Spreading Festive Cheer With Wayfair

One month until Christmas Day! That's crazy! I can't wait to decorate the house from top to bottom, pop our presents under the tree, bake Christmas treats & watch lots of cheesy movies! 

When it comes to putting up the Christmas decorations, we definitely go all out. Our living room is the one room that gets the majority of the decorations, but I like to ensure there are Christmassy touches in every single room! We, of course, have the tree (a fake one though! 2 crazy little ones and 4 cats, I don't think a real tree would last 48 hours!) Completely covered from top to bottom with twinkly lights, bright baubles, a sprinkling of tinsel & a homemade decoration or two. Some Christmas bunting, cosy cushions and throws, paper snowflakes and fairy lights all around!

Some people go a bit over the top when it comes to decorating for Christmas, but you dont have to spend a lot to make your home festive! For example,

* Fairy Lights are a must! You can buy them pretty much anywhere at the moment, but I'd recommend picking up a couple of packs from a pound shop!
* Buy a few themed scented candles (or make your own!) Candles really make the room feel Christmassy, and smell festive too!

* Add a few cosy items such as a new fluffy throw or some Christmassy cushions!
These are my cute cushions I have out this year! Little touches like this make a huge difference. 

* Cut out lots of snowflakes! Snowflakes are always Christmassy, so cheap to make and look really effective! I've cut out waaay too many this year but like I said, I go a bit crazy! Use a snowflake template and cut some out, or go the traditional method of folding and cutting. You could stick them to the walls, or hang them up with a piece of thread. So easy!

* Bring nature inside! I've been collecting lots more pinecones, and I've got some silver glitter spray and I'm going to make a pretty sparkly centerpiece using them. 

* Decorate the unexpected! I recently purchased this gorgeous bookcase, I love it! With a few little touches, a candle, some letters and some cardboard letters I painted - you can really make anywhere or anything Christmassy!

* Decorate with a natural garland. Collect some greenery and create a beautiful garland. You could trail it down your banister & hang a few baubles on it too.

* A Wreath is another Christmas must have! There are some really fancy, yet pricey on the market but you don't have to spend a lot to get a really lovely wreath. Personally, I really love this one! It's different, but still so Christmassy and pretty!

We don't really have a colour scheme or theme when it comes to decorating our home for the holidays - I suppose our theme is 'As Christmassy As Possible'! You really don't have to spend a huge amount when it comes to making your home festive (It's not like we don't have enough to buy anyway!) Just remember, the little touches are what really make a big difference!

Do you have a theme when it comes to decorating for Christmas?

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