Encouraging Your Little Ones To Get Planting {Celebrating National Tree Week}

My little ones love spending time outdoors. They will play in the garden during all weathers, we go for regular walks & even go on nature hunts now and then. One thing I'd really like to start introducing them to is gardening. Don't get me wrong, they've planted a few seeds here and there, dug up a potato or two and watered the plants - but they've never really experienced the joy of gardening. Gardening can be a great family activity, and it's the perfect way to encourage your little ones to appreciate the wonderful nature all around them. 

National Tree Week 2017 began on the 25th November and it launches the start of Winter Tree Planting Season. National Tree Week is all about celebrating the beauty and importantness of trees, and encouraging us to be more mindful of our environment - by doing something positive.
As it was National Tree Week, I wanted to share a few tips with you to help encourage your little ones to begin to experience gardening, and help develop their love and care for trees and the environment in general. 

The easiest way to introduce gardening is to start small, literally. Allow your little to plant some seeds into their own little pots. Wildflower seeds are great as when they grow, they grow wild. They are likely to grow into big plants which makes it more fun for the little ones, and great for the environment too. Giving your little ones their own space in the garden is ideal too. Even if it's just a few big pots at the end of the garden, it will be their very own, and they will need to tend to it. This provides them with responsibility over the plants and encourages them to keep an eye on what is growing. A fantastic idea is to allow your little ones to grow their own food. A big tub full of potatoes is easy for beginners, as are runner beans, carrots, or even tomatoes. The first time I grew my own food it was so exciting. To be able to eat produce that I had grown myself, so this should also encourage your little ones into healthy eating as it's always more fun to eat something you have made yourself! An absolutely lovely activity to share with your little ones, and something you can treasure for a long time - is to plant your own tree. Autumn and Winter are the best time to plant trees, so why not get started right now? There are so many different types of trees you could plant, and you don't even need that much equipment. Tree guards provide protection to your tree, and bamboo canes inside provide support to increase the chance of your tree growing properly. Tree & Plant support, such as this rubber strapping will help to support your tree as it grows larger. 
I'd love to plant a fruit tree with my little ones, and one day, when we own our own house, I'd love to plant a huge tree, perhaps an oak tree. One we can watch grow with us. 

Have you ever done gardening with your little ones?

*This is a collaborative post 

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