Hello December {Christmas To Do List}

December is here, and we are already fully in the Christmas spirit! Our decorations went up on the 1st, we went to a Christmas Fair and saw Father Christmas on the 2nd and we made lots of Christmas crafts on the 3rd! I've nearly wrapped up all the presents, cards are written and ready to post. I'm so much more organised this year, it's crazy. I'm trying to get it all done so I can just relax and enjoy the upcoming weeks without having to rush around!

We have a few traditions that we like to do each year, and a few new ones starting this year - but we definitely have a lot of activities and crafts planned for the upcoming weeks. It's going to be so much fun. My little girlie said to me today "This is going to be the best Christmas ever!". I hope we can make sure that happens. I've put together a little list of all the fun activities and traditions we are planning to do this year.

I've already made quite a few decorations this year, but my little ones and I have a lot more to make! I know they are going to love decorating their bedroom too. We also are starting a new tradition this year where the little ones make a special homemade decoration to hang on the tree. Gingerbread & cookies are of course on the list! We have actually already made our own Christmas cards, and they are all ready to send! I've got lots of Christmas crafts planned for the little ones, so that'll be a lot of fun. A few doors up from our house always go crazy with their outdoor lights & decorations, so we always pop out to see it, and there's a huge Christmas tree lit up up the town, so they are always lovely to see. Christmas movie night should be on everyone's to do list! Donating toys to charity is something we do quite often, and my little girlie even suggested we do it the other day, "to give to other children who don't have enough money" were her exact words. Also, it's nice to have a bit of a clear out before all the new toys! 

What's on your Christmas To Do List?

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