My Favourite Christmas Adverts 2017

I always look forward to the Christmas adverts, as I'm sure many people do - as that means Christmas is on its way. And Christmas is very much on its way! The Coca-Cola & the John Lewis are classic ones to watch out for, but every year it seems new & exciting adverts are topping them! I wanted to write a quick last post of the year and share my favourite Christmas adverts for 2017!

I must admit, I was entirely impressed with the adverts this year, they've definitely been better, but I still love them so without further ado.

#4 Sky Cinema
It's just a really sweet story, the mum's face when her daughter turns up is priceless. And it's so lovely to have a tradition like that every year. It's just so cute.

#3 Aldi
Kevin The Carrot is such an iconic character now isnt he! Haha. Aww the way he talks is so cute too, and even when he pees himself is adorable!

#2 John Lewis
I was a tad disappointed with the John Lewis advert this year, they've been so epic before. But it stil really cute, the little boy and his monster. But it did make me sad in the end when the monster just disappeared. (I was glad to find out he only goes away when the nightlight is on, as you can hear him at the end!) 

#1 M&S
I'd heard about this Paddington advert before I'd actually seen it, and it is as good as I was told! I do love Paddington and I think they've remade him really well. He looks adorable. I loved this advert the most as it has a really sweet moral too it as well.

What's been your favourite Christmas advert this year?

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