Portable North Pole App {Review}

My little girlie has really started embracing the Christmas magic this year and getting all excited about every tiny little thing. (She recently said to me "This is going to be the best Christmas ever!")! We try to do lots of magical things for the little ones to help them get into the Christmas spirit. One thing we used a lot last year, (although neither of them understood that much) and we've already used this year is Portable North Pole! Portable North Pole is an app that helps you to create personalised videos and phone calls for your little ones, featuring Father Christmas and his Elves.

 It's so easy to get started, you simply download the free app via the App Store or Google Play for Android and you can start setting up your videos or calls. There are a selection of free videos you can customise and share with your little ones, but there are also different passes you can purchase which allow you to use a much larger range of videos, calls and even a reaction recorder, I personally think this is a really lovely touch! 

But, this app doesn't have to just be for little ones! I remember last year I made a video for my husband, and it gives you completely different options for adults than it does for children, and the outcome was hilarious! We couldn't stop laughing. I'm definitely going to do it again this year.

One thing I really love about this app is the quality of the videos. It's not a silly cartoon or a short message - the videos are really quite long and the detail that goes into them all is amazing! The little, personalised touches (for example, you can see your child's name written on a book in Santa's Grotto), to the decorations in the grotto and even just Santa's voice. It's so realistic, and I can imagine any child would be so pleased to receive a video or phone call from Father Christmas.

This year Portable North Pole also have their own range of toys and gifts, including this little fellow. My little ones immediately loved our Do Good Elf and with every toy purchase, you get a different personalised video for free. I think next year we'll have to buy one of the reindeers as they are adorable too!

Have you ever used Portable North Pole?

*This is a collaborative post

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