The Best Christmas Horror Movies

Better Watch Out is in cinemas now. If you're looking for something a little different to watch, but still festive - this movie might be perfect for you! ( I actually really want to watch it!) So with a new Christmas horror movie out, I decided to put together a list of some of the best Festive Horror Movies

In no particular order, but I'm going to start the list with a classic;

If you haven't watched Gremlins, I don't believe you. It's just such an iconic film, one that you have to watch every year! All about these cute little fuzzy pets called Mogwai, which are great - if you follow the rules and take care of them, but if you dont..
Funny story, our cat is called Gizmo because he literally looks like a Gremlin (in a cute way of course!) Also, I watched this movie when I was young, too young and it really did scare me! The 15 rating is there for a reason, it's not a kids movie!
"Scared the life out of me as a kid, but love it now" - Household Money Saving

Silent Night, Deadly Night
A tormented teenager who goes on a murderous rampage, dressed as, you've guessed it, Santa. Just a good old fashioned slasher movie, with a nice festive bow on top. Haha. Apparently, it was a very controversial movie at the time, not really surprising is it!
"It's so scary, but good!" - Anklebiters Adventures

Black Christmas
They don't make movies like this anymore! Another classic slasher movie (which they sadly, of course, had to remake) but because it's so dated now, that definitely makes it all the more creepier! All about an intruder who decides to ruin a sorority's Christmas break. 
"Black Christmas is my favourite. I love slasher movie's from the 70s. Most modern ones are too scary for me now though" - Welsh Mum Writing

Krampus has been one of my favourite films over the past year. I really enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to watching it again this Christmas. To be honest, I love anything with Toni Collette in it. All about a boy who manages to summon an evil festive demon, all because of a bad Christmas. What I love is that this is a real folklore tale. It makes it much more interesting & exciting.
"Santa's 'shadow', a horned, hooded demon who comes at Christmas to punish those on the naughty list!" - Family Travel With Ellie

Good Tidings
Another more newer festive horror movie. All about a homeless war veteran who is targeted by three crazy psychopathic Santa's. Another good slasher movie, just a more modern one. 

A Christmas Horror Story
I love movies that have different, interwoven stories and this movie is just that. Lots of different creepy Christmas tales, rolled into one. 

Rare Exports
This movie has been called a 'Stephen King type horror movie', my favourite kind! Not too gory, just pretty freaking creepy. Not a slasher movie, not a gorefest - just a genuinely creepy horror movie. Perfect.

 Have you ever watched a Festive Horror Movie?

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