Tips For Winter Sun Getaways

Christmas is nearly here! I'm so excited for it, and if I'm honest - I'd never want to spend it anywhere else. I know a lot of people love the idea of escaping to somewhere hot for the holidays, but not me. Saying that though, once Christmas is out the way - I'd love to go on a Winter Sun Getaway in the new year. The first few months are always so miserable, rainy and cold - how amazing would it be to escape to somewhere hotter?!

Once you've decided that you'd love to visit somewhere warmer than the UK, it's time to decide where you'd like to go! Thailand is always a popular place to visit, Costa Del Sol is a cheaper but lovely alternative. Maybe you'd like to visit the Carribean or even Barcelona! I wanted to share some tips for preparing for your winter sun getaway!

Book your flights for January
January is a great time for booking flights as it's off-peak season and they tend to be cheaper!

Get a better place to stay
Even in Winter Sun destinations, hotels still tend to be a lot quieter in the colder months. This means that accommodation could be cheaper, and maybe you could even bag a free upgrade or two.

Get stocked up on swimwear
During the winter months, it can be near impossible to buy any suitable swimwear. (I mean, you only see them in stores during the summer, right?) Simply Beach offer designer swimwear all year round, and they have some gorgeous items - including the fantastic Miraclesuit

Book all inclusive, but do your research
By all means, book an all-inclusive break (the can be such a bargain!) but make sure you do your research and check that any of the places or activities you plan to do are actually open during the winter period.

Look after your health
Before you head out, make sure you have all the relevant insurance and stock up on any medicines you may need. Ensure you are fit and well before you head out.

Bring a variety of clothing
As I said before, it can be tricky to find summery clothing when it's freezing over here. So do your best to shop around, buy online if you need to. Maxi dresses & wrap dresses are always a great choice, loose shirts & playsuits are fantastic to bring too - and they are all so versatile!

Buy your travel insurance
The second you book your tickets, also buy your travel insurance. Definitely, do not leave it until last minute. You can get different types of insurance such as 'single trip' insurance, for families or groups. Make sure you shop around and purchase the correct one.

Don't forget to wrap up!
Yes, you may be heading out to a beautiful, hot country but don't forget - it's going to be pretty freaking chilly if you leave for the airport in summer clothes. Wrap up warm on the way there and on the way back. Lots of seperate layers are always a good idea. 

Have you ever been on a winter sun getaway?

*This is a collaborative post

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