2018 Goals & Aspirations

A New Year means New Goals! Well to me anyway, I love setting goals and January is always a great place to begin, but I don't believe in setting resolutions. Resolutions are something you start on January 1st, and by the 2nd if you aren't still doing it - you've failed. Goals and aspirations are so much more realistic, so much more achievable. Things you can continue to work on throughout the year, but don't have to spend every waking hour focusing on. Remember - Improvement not Perfection. So I'm sharing with you my Goals & Aspirations 2018

I decided to head in a different sort of direction this year, as opposed to my previous years goals, I wanted to include some different things. Try new things, help more people, as well as the classic new year goals! I'd love to hear what your goals are this year (if you've set any)!

Create A Better Weekly Routine
I love routines, and I write lists every evening for the following day. (Seperate lists if I need to run some errands or go shopping!) But my trouble is having a regular routine for each day & evening. I need to use the spare time I have more efficiently so I don't end up staying up ridiculously late every night. I whipped up a simple, easy to follow routine, with seperate sections for morning, afternoon and night - to try and be more productive, and to ensure I carve out time to spend it with my family.

Read At Least 1 Book A Month
I've got loads of books that I purchased last year or received for Christmas that I really want to read - but as above, I just don't give myself any time! I stay up far too late and I really just need to make some quality time for me too. So even if it's just a little bit of a book each night, a few pages - if I can read one book a month it'll be worth it!

Eat Healthier
Oh this is one thing that is probably on most people's lists! But after Christmas and eating nothing but rubbish, I really need to get healthier! I've been making a lot of soup recently, completely full of veggies! Yum! I just need to cut down on the Christmas goodies we have left over!

Drink More Water
Kind of goes alongside the above point! Sometimes I drink far too much tea and nothing else, sometimes I just get completely lazy and barely drink anything. My skin is getting really bad & I'm so sure it's because I don't drink enough! 

It's been near impossible to do this over the Christmas period with the husband and little ones home. I'd love to try some new activities this year, maybe Yoga or Zumba. I definitely need something different to encourage me to exercise more.

Do More For Charity
I try to donate as much as I can to charity, but I'd love to raise more money for them this year. I'm planning on doing a Colour Run this year, buying charity gift & cards for Christmas and finally donating blood. There are so many ways we can help!

Embrace Hygge
I've always loved the idea of Hygge, I am all about cosiness, comfort and love! I really want to embrace it more in my life, and make my home influence that. I've got lots of pins and books to read about it too!

Go On Holiday
It was so nice to actually have a little holiday last year, It would be amazing if we could go somewhere again this year. Even a simple UK holiday would be amazing!

Continue Education
Keep learning, continue expanding your mind - it's really good for you! I've got a few courses lined up for this year including a writing course and a photography course! Education shouldn't end when you leave school!

Practice Self Care
Self Care is so important and more often than not it's something we don't make time to do, and we really should. Especially as a parent, taking time out for yourself is essential as how can you possibly take care of others without caring for yourself. I need to make time just for me, do things that I want to do, not that I need to do.

Save A Little Each Week
I ended up spending our savings I saved last year, and it was so disappointing. I do save a small amount now and then, but I need to make it a more regular thing. Especially if we want to go on holiday this year.

Declutter Entire Home
I've created a big checklist of all the places and items around the house that need to be decluttered. I think it's a great way to clear up, just include every little place. My checklist includes individual drawers (for when I have a few minutes spare) or big projects like my wardrobe! I've already ticked of at least 10 items this past week, so I'm off to a good start.

Update Each Room
I love updating the different rooms of the house, and I am forever pinning inspiration for the home! Just a few pieces, a few finishing touches for the rooms and I think it will make a big difference. 

Spend Quality Time With Little Ones
I do spend time with my little ones, quality time too but you can never have too much can you! I really need to just sit down and play with them more, instead of just rushing around the house or just giving them a few minutes of my time. That's not fair, and that's not what any of us need.

Spend Quality Time With Husband
Same as above. Our evenings are spent pretty much apart from each other and we definitely need to spend more time together. I'm taking one evening off a week to just chill out and relax together, and I'd love to have a regular date night too. 

Stick To A Proper Skincare Routine
My skin is really is pretty terrible condition now, it's awful. I definitely need to eat healthier and drink much more water, but I also need to take better care of it. All I do is use wet wipes to remove my make up, wash my face and use moisteriser. And it's the same moisturiser I've used for a long time (not the same tub obviously!) and I think maybe it's time for a change.

Try A New Hobby
Although I love blogging, and getting creative and making things, I'd love to try a new hobby this year. I'd love to experiment with photography, and I might even try Geocaching with the family. 

Strive Towards Zero Waste
If you've watched any of the documentaries on Netflix, or maybe the latest series of Blue Planet (or even if you just watch the news) you know how much of a crisis our planet is in. Reducing the amount of waste we use, buy and throw away is such an important thing we should all be doing. Start today. I will be writing a lot of posts about this in the upcoming months as I feel really strongly about this.

Adopt An Animal
Inspired by Danielle's tradition of adopting animals every year, I'd like to join in and make this a tradition of my own too. I've done some research as I really want to choose wisely. We need to help protect threatened and endangered species, and it only costs a little a month.

Have you set any goals this year?

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