Going Zero Waste - 11 Eco Friendly Plastic Free Alternatives

Take a look around your home, how many products that you use on a daily basis, are made of plastic? I bet you'll be shocked! I've put together a list of some eco-friendlier alternatives so we can stop bringing so much plastic into our homes & lives! 

These products will either be, packaged in plastic-free packaging, reusable, biodegradable, recyclable or made of natural materials. {This post contains affiliate links}

Just bear in mind, Zero Waste is not all about chucking away everything plastic that you own, going out and spending a fortune on replacing said products. Use what you have until it needs replacing, otherwise, it was made for nothing! (I firmly believe this, aside from plastic bottles and cups. There is so much information going around about how dangerous reusing plastic bottles and cups can be.) But when your items do eventually need replacing, replace them with something much better!
This little list below should help give you some ideas and inspire you to make different decisions about what you purchase in the future - and save our planet at the same time.

Plastic straws are just the worst. Please, if you use them, stop. If there are more of a luxury than a necessity, just don't waste any more of your money on them. If they are something you prefer or need to use straws on a regular basis, perhaps consider replacing them with bamboo or stainless steel!

Drink Bottles
Plastic bottles are not even slightly biodegradable, they'll be on this earth for far longer than you. How depressing is that? So if you are one to pick up a drink when you pop to the shop, why not take a drink out with you or refill it while you are out. Not only is this much cheaper, but it's so much better for you and the planet. I've heard fantastic things about Kleen Kanteen products, so I'd recommend taking a gander for yourself. (They even do bottles for children!)

Clingfilm & Foil
Did you know clingfilm, is made of crude oil? Bleurch. I didn't know that until recently, and that's what we wrap our food in. That's disgusting! Clingfilm is such a rubbish product anyway if you really think about it. It's barely used for any amount of time, then it's just crumpled up and chucked away. Why not stop buying all these disposable, one-time use, product and switch up to using beeswax wraps?! Buzzcloth Beeswax wraps are made of three simple ingredients - organic cotton, beeswax and jojoba oil - that's literally all! I cannot recommend them enough, I guarantee you'll love them!

Nappies & Wet Wipes
If nappies are something you buy on a regular basis, or perhaps you are pregnant and will, therefore, be buying them on a regular basis - perhaps you would consider switching to cloth nappies? Now I am definitely no expert in this as I am shamefully, a mama who buys disposable nappies on a regular basis so I get it. They are just so easy to use and dump. *excuse the pun. But yes, they are literally dumped into landfill and will remain there. Yes, they may be convenient, but they are so bad for the environment and your bank account! From newborn to whatever age your children grow out of nappies, they will be a weekly expenditure. Packs and packs of nappies you'll go through. Just think of the cost! And that's just the nappies, what about wet wipes too! With every pack of nappies you buy, I bet you grab a couple of packs of disposable wet wipes as well - and they are just as bad! Have a look around and see what takes your fancy. Where you want to switch to cloth nappies or biodegradable, there are so many options to choose from, so I definitely recommend doing your research too. 

Lunch Boxes
If you are someone who takes a packed lunch out, or to work - I applaud you. You are one step there already! Avoiding buying premade sandwiches and a bag of crisps is helping your wallet and your environment! But what are you packing your lunches in? A plastic lunchbox I expect. These are often made of thick, sturdy plastic - so they are made to last. There is no need to replace them until they are destroyed (unless you especially want to) but when they do need to be replaced, replace them with something better! This is where bamboo and stainless steel come back again! There are loads of bamboo lunchboxes to choose from, but I really love the look of  Elephant Boxes if I'm honest!

Takeaway Coffee
Speaking of lunches, do you often pop out and grab a takeaway coffee or hot drink? In a takeaway, disposable cup? Why not spend a little and invest in a cute reusable travel cup instead. There are so many beautiful ones to choose from, and aside from bringing in your own drink, you can also often get them filled in coffee shops now too! I own an Ecoffee Cup and I absolutely love it! It's a really nice size, and its made of bamboo with a silicone lid. 

Shopping Bags
Instead of picking up a little rubbish plastic bag at the checkout of the supermarket, or even buying a 'use more than once' bag for life. Spend a few pounds on something a little more beautiful! You can buy huge canvas shopping bags, or little bags to pop in your handbag. So many designs and prints to choose from! Wouldnt you rather save the environment, and carry around something a bit prettier! I've mentioned it before, but I also love the look of shopping baskets

Now lets head to the bathroom! 
Toothbrushes are definitely something that gets replaced on a regular basis, so next time yours need replacing - why not try some bamboo toothbrushes! Not only are they better for the environment, but they look so much nicer too! Definitely something you wouldn't mind having on show!

Shower Gel
Instead of buying bottle after bottle of shower gel, why not consider going back to good old soap? What's wrong with it. It works perfectly well, it often lathers better than shower gel - so why did we stop using it so much? Just make sure you pick up a good quality organic soap. They last so much longer than a bottle of shower gel too!

Cotton Buds
I know, I know. Cotton buds are something you aren't really supposed to use. Or at least your not supposed to stick them in your ears! But cotton buds are such a handy thing to have in your bathroom cupboard. To fix tiny makeup mistakes, or to clean behind your ears! Haha. But they are very, very plasticky. They always come packaged in lots of plastic, and are made from plastic too! Why not try switching to a more eco-friendly alternative?

Makeup Brushes
If makeup brushes are something you need to replace, I really recommend visiting So Eco. So Eco sell a variety of makeup brushes, and they are all eco-friendly, compostable and cruelty-free!

Shampoo & Conditioner
Although I am not a huge fan of Lush products, I definitely recommend having a look at their shampoo & conditioner bars! They last so much longer than bottle after bottle of shampoo & conditioner, and apparently, they are so much better for your hair! Definitely, something I am going to stock up on!

If you don't fancy forking out on any of these eco-friendly alternatives, there are a million and one recipes and instructions online if you fancy having a go at making your own. Aside from bottles & cups! I really recommend browsing Pinterest for some inspiration!

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