Creating The Hygge Look At Home

Hygge is all about living a healthy, happy life. A life for appreciating the little things, living in the moment and having a cosy and comfy sanctuary to relax in. A simple, minimalist but comforting place to unwind, and spend time with friends and loved ones. I am forever pinning room ideas & furniture for my ideal 'Hygge themed' home and I wanted to share a few ideas with you today.

Dim, low lighting is essential in any cosy home. Fairy lights are always a good option. We have fairy lights on upstairs during the evenings instead of having the lights on. It's so much more relaxing. Another option is candles. I am a big fan of chunky candles in jars and have at least a couple in every room. (Of course, we use them safely when the little ones are around!) Not only do candles help create a certain atmosphere, but they also make your home smell amazing! Candles and diffusers are a lovely way to ensure your home smells gorgeous and make your home feel like home.
Smarten up your walls with some gorgeous artwork. Buy a large art print or a painting. Maybe get a huge canvas printed of you and your family, or perhaps even try making your own wall art. Whatever you fancy, and whatever you think will suit your home - make sure you love it. I mean absolutely love, the kind of art that makes you smile whenever you see it, the kind of art that people immediately spot when they enter the room. It will really make your home feel more welcoming and a happy place to be. 
Creating a cosy nook area is your home is important for that Hygge feeling. A sanctuary space, a place to snuggle down and relax. I've been suffering from a bit of a bad back recently, and I feel that that is partly down the fact I slouch a lot. I don't sit up straight or support my back at all. I think a relaxing armchair would be the perfect addition to our home, and any cosy, relaxing Hygge home. Grab a warm throw, a hot drink and a good book, and snuggle in your armchair for the evening! Perfect! There are loads of beautiful armchairs at Lionshome, if you are looking for some inspiration.

Speaking of throws - blankets, throws and lots of comfy soft cushions are definitely needed for any cosy home. Blankets on beds in case the nights get chilly, as well as a couple of the arms of any sofas and chairs - perfect for draping over your legs if you want. I suggest having a basket of little cushions and throws in your living area so they are easily accessible for your family or guests, perhaps pop a book or two in the basket too?

What better to relax in your home than to pick up a good book. Read an old favourite, grab some inspiration from a *Hygge themed book or why not try a completely new genre? Whatever you like you to read, you'll need somewhere to store them. I recommend a sturdy, yet classically beautiful old wooden bookcase, but any bookcase, as long as it's filled with books you love will be perfect.

Last but not least, houseplants! A fantastic way to embrace nature and bring the outdoors in is having a few houseplants around. I personally love little cacti and succulents, but I do have a large houseplant too. They not only look nice but they help clean the air too!

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