Creative Pancake Ideas For Your Little Ones To Enjoy

As it's Pancake Day, you'll be needing to get your eggs, flour & milk at the ready! No longer do you have to eat plain old pancakes with lemon and sugar (although personally, they are still my favourite) the possibilities are endless! Whatever you fancy filling or decorating your pancakes with this year, here are some fun ideas to share with your little ones (and perhaps encourage them to eat some fruit in the process!).

Using shape cutters to cut your pancakes into fun shapes when they are cool. You could make any shape pancake you wanted! (Providing you have the right cookie cutter!) You could even combine Pancake Day & Valentines Day and make some cute heart pancakes!

Let them decorate their pancakes with icing pens! Make the pancakes and let your little ones go crazy and decorate their favourite designs with coloured icing pens. A sure way to make lots of pretty, colourful pancakes!

Try new toppings! Why not be adventurous and trying some different toppings this year! Fresh berries and yogurt, caramel and oranges or even bacon, chocolate & banana!

Decorate the pancakes with fruit! Using various chopped up fruit, your little ones can make lots of cute faces or fun designs - plus, it's healthy too!

Set up a pancake decorating station! Set up a little area with a variety of different toppings and sauces so they can take their pancake over and decorate however your little ones fancy!

Fill your pancakes with a variety of different things. Whether it's sweet or savoury, there are so many options to choose from! 

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Happy Pancake Day!

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