Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Children

Valentines Day is all about spending quality time and showering your loved ones with love! We are celebrating Valentines Day as a family this year. I want my little ones to grow up knowing that's what the day is about. Valentines Day is not just for couples. I wanted to pick up a few little gifts for my little ones, to show them how much we love them - so I decided to put together a few gift ideas in case you want to treat the little ones in your life too! {This post contains affiliate links}.

When An Elephant Falls In Love Book // The Day You Stole My Heart Personalised Print // Personalised First Valentines Day Romper // Personalised Nutbrown Hare // Vtech Secret Safe Diary Visual // I Love You To The Moon & Back Biscuits // The Adventures Of Jenny & Phillip: The Naughtiest Girl In The World Book // Be My Valentine Bracelet Making Kit // When Mummy Met Daddy Personalised Book // Belle & The Beast Itty Bittys

I personally don't think there's any better gift for a child than a beautifully illustrating, heartwarming storybook. When An Elephant Falls In Love is one of the sweetest books I have ever seen, and the drawings are gorgeous - very Valentines Day themed too! I can't wait to read this to my little ones on the day!

This would be more suitable for a new baby but this personalised print is absolutely gorgeous! (It's aimed at couples, but there's no reason why you couldn't pop your little one's names and date of birth on there!) I know my little ones definitely stole my heart the second they were born!

Another gift more suitable for a tiny tot, but how freaking adorable is this 'My First Valentines Day' romper! It's personalisable too which just makes it even cuter!

No Valentines Gift Guide for little ones would be complete without a sweet little cuddly toy! This amazingly cute Nutbrown Hare is personalisable too with your little ones name. It's just the sweetest soft toy ever!

A fantastic gift idea for older children - the Vtech Secret Safe Diary Visual! It's a fun voice activated diary so your child can type in their diary entries, take photos and play fun games! It's a really great product and would be ideal for, I'd say a 6-9-year-old child. It locks with a voice password which means your little ones secrets are kept private, I know I would have loved this as a child! (You can access the diary if you really need to though).

Every single night I tell my little ones "I love you to the moon & back" before they go to sleep. They often say it back to me too. It's so sweet. That's why I know they'd love these I Love You To The Moon & Back Biscuits, they can even be personalised with a name too!

As I said above, you can never go wrong with giving the gift of a book.  The Adventures Of Jenny & Phillip: The Naughtiest Girl In The World is a really sweet book about a strong-willed girl named Jenny and her loveable and very wise cat Phillip (which I have to say is an amazing name for a cat! Haha). Jenny is very naughty and her feline friend teaches her why she should be good. Through humour and learning, this book aims to teach children about ethics and morals, about the world around them and their place in it. It's a really good book, I do recommend picking it up for your little ones.

This Be My Valentine Bracelet Making Kit would be fantastic for any creative and craft loving little one! It's a great way to encourage their fine motor skills and create beautiful jewellery at the same time! I know my little girlie would love this!

Now this, this is the cutest little book I have ever seen. I was getting a bit teary-eyed when I read it! It's a personable book for your little ones thats all about ' When Mummy Met Daddy'. You get to edit all the little details about how mummy and daddy met, when, what happened next etc. The illustrations are so freaking adorable too. I really really love this book.

As I've mentioned on my Instagram before, Hallmark have these adorable soft toys called Itty Bittys! There are so many different characters to choose from - Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Superhero Girls and even Wizard of Oz characters! I knew my little ones would love an itty bitty of their own, so I chose a Belle & A Beast for them! The cuddly toys are a really good size, pocket money friendly and have the most adorable faces! I personally love that the toys don't have any unnecessary keyrings, noises or tags - they are so soft and cuddly just as they are!

Do you buy a gift for the little ones in your life on Valentines Day?

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