8 Places You Need To Visit In Jamaica

Jamaica is one place I've always wanted to visit. Its just such a beautiful, exciting and adventurous country. Visiting the miles of gorgeous untouched coastline, exploring the stunning cascading waterfalls, embracing the culture or staying in a luxury beach house in Jamaica - there's so much to do and so much to see during a visit to this fascinating island country. I've put together a list of a few spots you need to explore while you are travelling to Jamaica!

Dunn's River Falls
Dunns River Falls is a popular waterfall near Ocho Rios, and it's not a place you want to miss out on during your holiday! The falls themselves are absolutely beautiful, and you can hire a private tour guide to assist you on your adventure. With a stunning beach below the falls, a little water park and a market, there's a lot to see and do at the falls. Apparently, it's a great place to visit as a family too (with older children) so it would make a perfect place for a fun, family, adventurous day out! It definitely looks like a beautiful spot, you can see why it's such a popular tourist attraction!

The Bob Marley Museum
If you are looking to embrace Jamaica's music and cultural heritage - look no further than the amazing Bob Marley Museum. The museum, dedicated to the awesome reggae musician Bob Marley, is located at 56 Hope Road, his former place of residence. If you are a Marley fan it's definitely someone you need to visit! You can explore his former home, and even his studio (which apparently his family still uses!) as well as view lots of his records, awards and murals. 

Seven Mile Beach
With unbelievably picture-perfect white sand, clear blue water and tranquil views - Seven Mile Beach is definitely the place you should head to if you love soaking up some sun, sipping coconuts surrounded by miles of golden sand. If you aren't one for just relaxing on the beach, never fear - there are so many fun activities to take part in too, whether is snorkelling, scuba diving or even kayaking. And don't forget to indulge in some traditional Jamaican grub while you are there too! Seven Mile Beach recently received an award for 'The Caribbean's Best Beach' so you can see why it's so popular!

Kool Runnings Water Park
"Some people say they know they can't believe, Jamaica we have a bobsled team"
Jamaica's largest and best water park, perfect for families! With a wide variety of water slides - for both children and adults, and so much more! A water palace for children, trampolines, go-carts, rafting, paintball, kayaking and even a man-made beach. With so much to see and do at Kool Runnings Water Park you could easily spend a whole day here! There's even a fun entertainment area where the park mascot Mikie Manatee delights his audience and an amazing food court to enjoy too. A really fun, friendly and exciting spot to visit during your trip to Jamaica!

Rainforest Adventures - Mystic Mountain
If you are looking for even more adventure, you have to head to Rainforest Adventures Mystic Mountain! You can ride a chair life up to the top of the mountain - enjoying the stunning panoramic views of the town and ocean. You then have the fantastic opportunity to ride around the mountain on an amazing bobsled, single person rollercoaster ride! Or if you'd prefer, you can glide through the treetops on one of five zip wires! The perfect day out for any thrill seekers! There's also the opportunity to explore the beautiful gardens, splash in the infinity pool or zoom down the fun waterslide. 

Martha Brae Rafting Village
Float down a peaceful, placid river on a well-crafted bamboo raft. Glide down the picturesque river while soaking up some beautiful tropical scenery and tunnels or greenery, poled by local guides who know lots of interesting facts about the local plant life and the river itself. It's supposed to be a really romantic and relaxing way to spend a day, especially as the rafts only take two passengers - a fantastic place to visit if you are on your honeymoon! 

Rose Hall Great House
And for something completely different, soak in some of Jamaica's history by visiting the supposed haunted house - Rose Hall Great House. It's a really stunning resort, surrounded by gorgeous ocean views, but this beautifully restored plantation great house has a very eerie element to it. It was once home to The White Witch Of Rose Hall. The Great House hosts candle-lit ghostly night tours for those who are brave enough to venture on it, but if you prefer you can keep the scares to a minimum by trying a day tour instead. The Great Hall also has many other sights to see including beautiful golf courses, sugar cane fields and the house itself is decorated with stunning 18th-century antiques.

The Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience
If you love your alcohol, why not visit Appleton Estate and enjoy an interactive, fun guided tour of the distillery! You get an inside look into the rum making process and visit the Distillery and Aging house where different ways of distillation are demonstrated, including how juice was extracted from sugarcane in the 18th Century. You are even able to juice your own cane and take part in the Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum Tasting Experience!

Have you ever visited Jamaica?

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