Fun New Reads From Scholastic Book Club

I absolutely love discovering and buying new books for my little ones. It's one thing I never mind buying as we read quite a few books together every day. I've been looking for exciting books for a while, and then I heard about Scholastic Book Clubs! Specific selections of children's books available at a discounted price for a limited time.
I am a big fan of Scholastic, and we always manage to discover fantastic new books to read, that end up being some of our favourites!

A few times a year, Scholastic run these book clubs. Offering a variety of different books, for different ages at a cheaper price than usual. The books are all carefully chosen and I've never been disappointed! What's more, if you work at a school, you can sign up for the book clubs and every time a parent or guardian purchases a book from the book club - this then earns free books for the school!
We acquired some fab books from this book club, including The Koala Who Could, Cake and There's A Monster In Your Bed. As soon as I saw them I knew they'd be perfect for us! We tend to like silly books, ones that are not too long, and not too short, with lots of bright fun pictures and these three, are exactly that!

The Koala Who Could is about a scared little Koala who is too scared to climb down from his tree but when he is forced to change his lifestyle, he surprises himself and others and embraces the unexpected but exciting changes to his life! It has a really great moral to the story, we love the illustrations and it's nice to read a story about a different sort of animal! I don't think we've ever read a book about Koalas before! It's written by Rachel Bright & illustrated by Jim Field (illustrator of the fantastic, Oi Frog, Oi Dog, Oi Cat series').

Cake was an unexpected delight of a book. It's the story of Cake, he's been invited to a party and he's not sure what to expect but he's definitely very excited! It's got a funny twist towards the end of the story, and as you are reading the a grown-up you begin to realise what's happening and it's hilarious! My little ones really loved it! Cake is a super lovable character, and because of this, you start to feel a bit sorry for him when you realise what's happening, but it's all ok in the end! Cake is written by Sue Hendra and illustrated by Paul Linnet who have both worked together on other books such as Supertato and I Need A Wee!

Last but not least, There's A Monster In Your Book! This one was definitely our favourite book from the selection as it's just so different to anything we've read together before. (I found myself googling the book after reading to see if Fletcher had written any other similar books!) There's A Monster In Your Book, is pretty much what the title says - there's a monster trapped inside the book and your little ones need to try to get him out! It involves shaking, tipping the book, tickling the monster or trying to blow him away! It's an interactive sort of book and it's really so much fun to read! It's such a unique idea for a book, I'm very impressed! And it's not too long a book either, so I don't mind reading it often (or pretty much every night since we got it!) It's written by Tom Fletcher, who co-wrote The Dinosaur That Pooped books, and illustrated by Greg Abbott. 

As I've said, many times, we are very impressed with all these stories! They are all exciting and fun to read, with bright, beautiful illustrations to go alongside. They will definitely keep your little ones captivated throughout! I really recommend checking out Scholastic Book Clubs if you are looking for some new books for your little ones or school. 

This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. received the products to review. All opinions are my own.

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