My Little Ones' Bedroom Makeover

My plan for this year is to sort out each room, update it a little and make it really feel like more like us, more individual, cosier and more comfortable with lots of personal touches. I wanted to start with my little one's bedroom

Luckily, my little ones don't have a huge amount of stuff. I tend to go through their things on a fairly regular basis, donating toys, clothes or books that they don't use or play with to charity. Although there's a rather large assortment of toys downstairs, they don't have a huge amount of toys in their bedroom (apart from cuddly toys! Haha).

First step to update their room was to rearrange it a bit! I love moving furniture around, (we do it a lot in this house!) as it really makes the room feel different and it's always exciting when it looks completely new! So I moved my little one's beds, their chest of drawers and clothing rail and it definitely looked different! The little ones loved the new arrangement! It also means they don't wake each other up so easily in the middle of the night as they aren't right next to each other.

Second step was to update the storage. This fab under bed storage box from Wilko is perfect for under my little girlies bed. It's a great size, plenty of storage space, very strong and sturdy too. What makes it even better is that is folds away easily when not in use. I've used the storage box to store all our Duplo! We definitely needed a big box to keep it in, and it's one toy I will never get rid of! 

I also wanted somewhere nicer to store their books, and this 2 Tier Shelving Unit from Wilko is perfect! It's just the right size for all their books, although the bigger books don't fit standing up - but that doesn't matter too much. It also makes a lovely bedside table for my little girlie and it was pretty easy to assemble (I did it myself, woo!) 

Third step, I wanted to update their bedding. They do love their character bedding, but I wanted to get them something a little more..prettier, a bit more grown up. This absolutely gorgeous Nordic style bedding is from Room To Grow. It's the sweetest bedding I have ever seen, really high quality and it's reversible too! My little boy has this lovely Blue Nordic Duvet Set, one side with a cute woodland animal print, and the other side with a gorgeous geometric print. My little girlie has Pink Nordic Duvet set, which is the same print but in pink. I am so pleased with their bedding, it's so stylish and modern, and I love the Nordic theme, but it's also so cute and perfect for little ones. I'd really recommend purchasing some kids bedding sets from Room To Grow.

Last but not least, the finishing touches, a few cute decorations! 

My little ones had a really empty wall, so I knew that a great way to update it would be by using a wall sticker! I received this gorgeous 'Happy Cloud' sticker from Stickerscape, and I love it! It's a real focal point and it brightens up the room so much!

I also added some cute star fairy lights above the wall sticker. I've wanted to put some in their bedroom for a while, but I couldn't find any suitable. I think it's important to have the option of a dimmer light in bedrooms, to be able to read bedtime stories together but without having to have the main light on which is really bright and will keep them more awake.

I switched up the items on my little ones chest of drawers. My little girlie's collection of jewellery and hair accessories is building up quickly, so I gave her this sweet wicker heart basket to use. The dolls house you can see used to be mine when I was little, so I've passed it onto my little ones now. I used to love it so much!

I acquired this fairy door a while ago, and had been meaning to paint it for ages! I finally got round to it, and I think it's turned out pretty sweet, don't you? I stuck it to their wall while they were at nursery, so it was like it just *magically appeared*. My little girlie loves it, and likes to peak into fairyland before she goes to bed every night! So cute.

These adorable personalised door plaques are from Forever Bespoke. There are many door plaques to choose from on their website, but we chose the Customised Girl's Bedroom Fairy Door Plaque & the Cute Bespoke Noah's Ark Door Plaque. Both these signs are designed, handmade and personalised in the UK, and myself & my little ones really love them! I love how vibrant and colourful they are, and they are really high quality too!

Using large mache letters I purchased, I painted them myself for a little, personalised touch above my little one's beds. I love how they've turned out and I think they look really effective, especially against the lovely bright yellow walls!

I also had to show off my little ones feature wall! I've added a few bits recently, and there will soon be some more prints up there, but I absolutely love how this wall looks! (It's my favourite wall in the house, is that weird? Haha) Lots of different prints I have acquired, birthday cards, postcards, free printables and handmade items - I just love it!

Last but not least, I thought I would be nice to finish up the room with a little plant - but I decided that, since I tend to kill most of the houseplants, a fake plant will be a much better idea! I made this funky cactus out of cardboard, and I actually think it looks pretty awesome!

So there we go, a little bedroom makeover without spending a fortune!

Let me know what you think! What's your favourite item in their room?

This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. received some of these items to review. All opinions are my own.

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