Hello Spring ❀ {Spring To Do List}

Spring is officially here. {Well technically, although the weather might not agree at the moment!}. I'm getting so fed up of the wind, the snow, the freezing cold, unpredictable weather though! I'm welcoming Spring with open arms. 

Spring to me means a new start, time to get out from under that blanket, pop on a dress and a flower headband and make this year amazing!

I like having seasonal goals, fun things to achieve before this season is over and Summer has arrived!

Spring Clean & Declutter - Spring is the perfect time to get your house in order. Having a clean, tidy, clutter free home can do wonders for your mood, that's why Spring is the perfect time to spruce up and freshen up your home. I'm sharing a few Spring Cleaning tips here!

Decorate Home For Spring - I love updating my home for the changing seasons, and Spring is the most beautiful season of them all! Bright colours, fresh flowers, bringing nature indoors.

Go On An Easter Egg Hunt - Just something that needs to be done over the Easter period, right? It's a great way to celebrate Easter with your little ones too, I know mine love a good egg hunt! {As do I!}.

Make Easter Cards - We love making cards to give to friends and family, for any occasion! 

Plant Flowers - Spring is the perfect time to plant those bulbs, sow some seeds & then when Summer arrives, your garden should be colourful, in bloom & beautiful!

Visit A Farm - I really want to take my little ones to see some baby animals this Spring!

Spring Photo shoot - This is the first time I've actually had a decent camera, and as Spring is such a beautiful season, I really want to make the most of it! My little ones are getting really used to me taking a million and one pictures of them too, so a photo shoot would be a lot of fun!

Feed The Ducks - Another Spring time necessity, right?

Go On A Nature Walk - Although Winter can be stunning, it's not the most fun to be out exploring! Spring is so much more fun, and we do love going on nature walks and collecting lots of natural items!

Renew New Year Goals - Spring is the perfect time to get out of that slump, and renew your New Year goals! Check up on your progress, and make a plan to achieve those goals!

Sort Garden Ready For Summer - Ohhh, our garden is messy right now. After all the snow, there are children's toys everywhere, piles of rubbish that need to be taken away, plants are overgrown and the lawn needs to be mowed! So before we can even think about gardening, or playing outside - the garden really needs to be sorted!

Pack Away Winter Clothes - Time to pack away those baggy jumpers, slippers and onesies and encourage the weather to warm up by wearing those gorgeous dressers & flowers! {Lots of flowers!}.

Jump In Muddy Puddles - What child {or me} doesn't love going for a walk & jumping in lots of muddy puddles?

Pick Flowers - Spring brings the most beautiful flowers doesn't it? Pick a sweet bunch of flowers from your garden, or treat yourself to a little bunch from the shop. A great way to bring Springtime into your home too!

Go For A Bike Ride - I used to love going on bike rides before having children, now I've finally got a bike again I really want to go on more bike rides! It's a lovely way to get out in the fresh air and grab some exercise too.

Grow Cress Heads - Cress Heads are so much fun to make & grow with little ones, so it's definitely an activity we want to do again this year!

What would be on your Spring To Do list this year?

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