Embracing The Rain With Bogs Sweetpea Boots {Review}

This time of year is really not great weather-wise is it? (Hey at least the snow has gone!) But it's the sort of in between weather, when it can't decide if it's still winter - gradually turning into Spring. Every time the sun comes out we're hopeful this is it, Spring has arrived! But no, the rain just won't quit! I keep risking it and hanging washing on the line, only to be running outside bringing it all in when it starts to rain again an hour later! 

No matter how much we dread it, we do need the rain! And it's important for us all to get outside, no matter the weather, rain or shine! No matter how much you really don't want to leave the house when the sky is grey and the rain is pouring, when you'd rather be snuggled on the sofa than wrapped up warm outside. Don't let the rain make you feel blue. Change the way you think and embrace it, whatever the weather! 

One of our favourite activities to do when the rain won't stop is popping on a jumper and a raincoat and our wellies and going for a walk! We head down to the river, play pooh sticks, watch the river flowing so fast and of course, lots and lots of jumping in muddy puddles! (If you're little ones have seen the Peppa Pig movie, we often sing that song too! "Jumping up and down in muddy puddles, splish splash splosh.."

For the past few weeks the rain has been pretty much a daily occurrence, and although I wanted to get outside with my little ones, I didn't have any appropriate shoes to wear. I didn't own any wellies and my boots all had small holes in so I couldn't wear them. That's why I was so excited to try out these beautiful Sweet Pea Boots from Bogs

I really love short chelsea boots, but I normally only go for black or brown boots. This time I decided to go for this gorgeous Wine colour and I absolutely love them. They're so pretty! I was slightly worried that as they are 100% waterproof, that they might look a lot like wellies (you know the really shiny look) but they don't at all. They just look like really lovely purple boots! You wouldn't know they were made of a waterproof material unless you touched them. The Sweet Pea boots are really comfortable too, I wear them a lot and walk around in them for hours on end and they are perfectly comfortable and flexible

With two little ones, it's important to have shoes that are easy to wear, but also easy to slip on and off when you need to rush out of the door and these Sweet Pea boots are exactly that. They have soft elastic up the sides which makes slipping them on a breeze, which gives me more time to faff around putting my little ones coats and shoes on! 

We headed out for a muddy puddle walk last weekend, and as it had been raining for a good few days - I knew it would be the perfect time to test out just how waterproof these boots were! We splashed around in a lot of puddles, and I found a really deep puddle to step in! The water almost went to the top of the boots and my feet started to feel really cold! Oh no, I thought, they're not as waterproof as I thought! Then I stepped out of the puddle and my feet were completely dry! I was so impressed!
I am so impressed with my gorgeous Sweet Pea Bogs boots! I've had loads of compliments on them already, and they've 100% kept all their promises. I really recommend picking up a pair. They're perfect for the Spring Showers and you'll have no excuse not to get outside!

Getting outside, even in the pouring rain can be a much needed refreshment, it'll make you feel so much better, less stressed and more alive than being stuck indoors for hours on end. Do something crazy, don't feel embarrassed - Go and jump in those muddy puddles! It's a simple childhood pleasure that not enough children or adults enjoy anymore. It's something we should all encourage and embrace!

"There is no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothes"

This is an affiliate link. This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. received these products to review. All opinions are my own.

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