Encouraging Your Little Ones To Stay Dry At Night

With my little girlie, potty training was fairly easy. We got her to use the potty on and off for a little while, then she immediately started using the toilet and that was that. But when it came to bedtime she was still in nappies. My little girlie likes to drink a lot so I knew it was going to be a lot harder to ensure she stayed dry at night time, so I thought I'd share a few tips to help your little ones sleep through the night, with a nice dry bottom! {This post contains affiliate links}

Even if your little ones master potty training during the day, staying dry at night is more difficult, especially for those deep sleepers so don't worry if your little ones are a bit older by the time they succeed. 3.5 to 4 is the average age range for your little ones to stay dry at night, however some little ones may still wear nappies at night when they are 5-6, and that's ok too. Remember, there's no right age. It's when you and your little one feel ready.

We've been reviewing these waterproof bed sheets from B-Sensible, and they have been an absolute godsend for us! Unlike other waterproof sheets, they feel and look like a normal bed sheet, they are so soft and comfortable! They are also breathable unlike those horrible plastic sheets, and they are thermo-regulating meaning your little ones will stay warm in the winter and cool during the summer. I also love that the bedding comes in a huge variety of bright colours, perfect for little ones and grown ups alike! The waterproof sheets been perfect for encouraging my little girlie to stay dry at night, and preventing any soggy patches if accidents do happen. We did have an accident the other night and her mattress remained 100% dry!

Limit Your Little Ones Drinks
If you're little ones are like mine, they tend to drink a lot. To ensure their bladder isn't completely full at bedtime try to limit their drinks after dinnertime. My little ones have dinner at 5, and bedtime at 6 so their dinnertime drink is the last drink they will have before bed. It's important to remember though, limiting doesn't mean completely taking away. If your little ones do tend to have a drink in bed, try to discourage them from drinking a whole drink before they go to sleep, instead perhaps a cup of water on the side so they can have a sip if they get thirsty. Keeping hydrated especially during the hotter nights is important. 

Create A Good Bedtime Routine
I expect you have a bedtime routine don't you? So why not create a similar routine for your little ones, with the last thing on the list being go to the toilet. Pj's on, brush teeth, story time, toilet. Sticking to this routine will make it so much easier for you all.

Positive Reinforcement!
There's nothing wrong with a little bit of positive reinforcement in my eyes. Why not set up a special sticker/reward chart for your little ones to encourage them to stay dry and out of nappies. It's amazing the power a sticker chart can have!

Protect The Bedding
Practice makes perfect and on the journey to staying dry at night, your little one is bound to have an accident now and again. So be sure to protect your little ones bed and bedding by using special products such as the fantastic B-Sensible sheets we've been using. Trust me, when a mattress gets soaked it never really gets clean again so you'll want to protect it!

Take Them To The Toilet
I know, I know, you really don't want to risk the idea that if you wake up your little one, they might not go back to sleep again! But try taking your little one to the toilet when you go to bed, just incase they need it. Don't ask them if they need to go, don't start a conversation with them. Just gently and quietly wake them up, take them to the loo and guide them back to their bed. Hopefully they don't wake up too much and can go back to sleep. 

Leave A Light On
As well as taking them to the toilet, it's also important to show them that if they need a wee and you are asleep or downstairs, they can go by themselves. To encourage them it's ok to go to the toilet without any help, leave a little light on for them. Perhaps you could get a little nightlight for outside the bathroom, or if your bathroom light isn't too bright, leave that on for them.

Last but not least, Be Patient
Like I said before, potty training can be a breeze compared to staying dry at night. It's completely different going for a wee when you are awake, as opposed to waking up because you need a wee. Don't rush them, let them go at their own pace. After all, what is the rush?

Thank you to B-Sensible for allowing me to review their waterproof sheets, and these fab bloggers for sharing their dry night tips - Bubbablue & Me, Gee Gardener, Mumma & Her Monsters & Arepops.

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