Reviewing My 2018 Goals

At the beginning of every year I like to set myself a whole bunch of goals to work on throughout the year. This year was no different, aside from the fact I did set a lot of goals. I've made plans to work through them all, but I think it would be motivating to see how far I've come 4 months in!

Most of my goals are more gradual things, which not only makes them easier to achieve but it means I can work on them throughout the year. So let's see how I've got on so far.

Create A Better Weekly Routine
This has sort of been achieved. But I'm still staying up ridiculously late to make sure everything gets done. I'm getting more done in the day now though as my little ones are at nursery 2 full days. I really need to take another look at my routine I jotted down and revamp it a bit!

Read At Least 1 Book A Month
Oh no. Not even slightly. I've bought more books, but I haven't read a single one! I feel like this sort of goes hand in hand with creating a better routine so I can actually make time to sit down and read!

Eat Healthier
Well I put this off for a good few months, then I decided to step up and I tried some weight loss/meal plan products and I've lost 11 lbs! Still a really long way to go though. I'm strongly considering going back to Slimming World I think. I really need a kick up the bum!

Drink More Water
I've been drinking a huge glass of water every morning, and less tea than I used to - but still not as much water as I'd like. I think I might have to set myself a reminder, I've used the app Plant Nanny before (It's so cute!) I might have to install it again.

Hahahahahahahaha. Oh dear. I haven't done any exercise this year, aside from walking. How bad is that?! I have recently got a bike though, so I'd love to get out on that more. Also I still really want to try Zumba, I think I'll get my DVD out to encourage me!

Do More For Charity
I've donated blood for the first time ever this month, and honestly I'm pretty proud of myself! I've also signed up as a stem cell & organ donor. I've bought from & donated to charity shops, I'm also planning on signing up for a Glitter Run! Ideally I'd like to do something for charity every month for the rest of the year. There are so many ways you can help!

Embrace Hygge
We've been lighting candles a lot more, creating a more cozy home and having a few snuggling under blankets movie nights. I'd like to update my home decor a bit more though to really set the mood.

Go On Holiday
We don't have anything planned yet, but fingers crossed!

Continue Education
I'm still working on my writing course, and I've just purchased a photography course book so I'd like to get started on that soon too. I really think it's important to keep learning throughout your life!

Practice Self Care
I still haven't been making as much time for myself as I'd like or need, but there's only so much time in the day! I think I might have to set an evening a night to look after myself! 

Save A Little Each Week
I'm terrible when it comes to my savings account. The trouble is, it's SO easy to transfer my savings into my bank account so I keep using a few pounds here and there. I NEED TO STOP. I do use this clever little tool via my online banking which means every time I pay on my card less than a whole £1, whatever is left gets transferred to my savings. So for example, I spend £1.75, that 25p will go into my savings - it really builds up quickly! 

Declutter Entire Home
2 rooms down, 5 to go! I've made a checklist which makes it easy to look at exactly what needs to be done. The list includes little tasks like individual drawers, and bigger tasks like my airing cupboard so whatever spare time I have, I can put it to good use!

Update Each Room
I've updated my little ones room so far, but that's about it. Next stop, the hallway/stairs!

Spend Quality Time With Little Ones
We do spend a lot of time together, most of the day 5 out of 7 days. We go out, on playdates, to the park and we tend to do a craft activity together every weekend. We also make sure we make time for lots of stories and snuggles!

Spend Quality Time With Husband
We've been spending a bit more time, just us two when the little ones are at nursery. But still not proper quality time. I definitely think a weekly date night is needed!

Stick To A Proper Skincare Routine
I've been making sure I use better products for my skin recently, and I've made my own totally natural moisturiser which I definitely think is helping. My routine still isn't great, but my skin is definitely improving.

Try A New Hobby
Like I said, I've got a photography course book, so that'll will be fun to try out, and I still want to try Geocaching when the weather warms up a bit!  It's always fun to try a new hobby isn't it!

Strive Towards Zero Waste
I've been trying to reduce the plastic I purchase, gradually getting rid of plastic in our home, and I've even been making my own cleaning products! I know it's only a few steps but I definitely feel like I've made a good start!

Adopt An Animal
I've recently adopted a Hawksbill Turtle, they are critically endangered at the moment and I felt it was very appropriate to help save a poor little turtle this year.

So all in all, I feel I've made a good start to my goals, but I definitely need to up my game if I want to achieve them all this year! 

Have you set any goals this year?

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