Selling An Item On eBay - Common Courtesies To Follow

When it comes to selling items on eBay, trust is everything. Now, there are many small systemized efforts that eBay try to help with, such as only releasing you the payment when the item has been marked as delivered. However, as a seller there are better ways to improve your reputation and allow the entire affair to become expressed in a healthy manner. There are common courtesies to follow here, and they are as follows:

Communicate Immediately

As soon as your item sells, you should immediately message a personal note to the person who has won the auction. This allows  you to set up a dialogue immediately. Some buyers are relatively hands off, and will respond with brevity or not at all, simply choosing to pay. Some will want to ask you further questions. Setting up this dialogue, even if you need to send a relatively stock message to many buyers, will often allow you to give a more personal service. It’s just nicer in the long term to do, and will allow you to experience a nicer selling experience in general.

Send ASAP Through Excellent Means

Sending your item the moment you are notified of a payment is important. Your earliest convenience should be at least within 48 hours, and preferably within 24. If you cannot do this, you might consider selling your item at another time, or even reducing the overall price somewhat.

Also, spare no expense when it comes to finding the right delivery service or packaging. First class and well packed items rival any other form of sending them. Using professional transport services like Shiply can often be the most beneficial when the items need to be handled with care, and you require a team of moving experts to help you. If you can document proof of your excellent delivery habits, there will be absolutely no chance of a form of contention from the buyer at some point in the future, aside from the item being corrupt in some way.

Thank Them

Thank the person who purchased your item. Even if they pay a couple days late, they message you a million questions, or they’ve somewhat asked for a difficult requirement you agreed with. Thank them because it allows for positivity and a potential resale. It also allows you to carefully and considerately close the entire affair with a sense of common decency and goodwill, the two most important attitudes in any successful business deal.

Leave Positive Reviews

Leaving a positive review if someone purchases your item and pays efficiently is important. This can also be rather tactical. You might decide to leave a positive review just to secure goodwill, and this allows you to gently encourage they do the same for you. A thank you note with your item that gently reminds them to do this can often yield your potential growth as an eBay user. Be sure to dispute any negative reviews if you feel they aren’t true to your cause, as eBay often care about customer support with these matters and can help you iron the issue out.

WIth these tips, you can be sure that selling items on eBay is nothing more than a pleasant experience.

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