Shake That Weight - Week One

I've been on my Shake That Weight journey for a week now, and things are going really well! If you want to read my intro, you can do so >> here << . I started off the first few days of the week, fairly hungry if I'm honest - partly because I don't think I actually ate as much as I was supposed to, and partly because I didn't have my 'awful high calorie naughty late night snack', you know, the one you hide until the little ones are in bed! 

Overall though, so far I do think it's going well. I'm really enjoying the shakes (particularly the hazelnut and chocolate ones of course!), the soups and the pasta. I've tried the Chicken with Tarragon ready meal, which was pretty tasty, and the Beef Medallions meal, but I wasn't too sure on the texture of the beef. But that's ok, you can't like everything! 

Like I said in my first post, I really want to lose 3.5 stone this year, to get me to a healthy weight - but a weight that's not too drastic, not too much. A weight that I'm comfortable and proud of. It's going to a lot of determination to get there, but I will do it! (I say it every year, but this, this is my year).

So...drum roll 1st weeks weight loss is:
I'm pretty freaking chuffed with that if I'm honest! I made sure to weigh myself exactly a week later, at the same time of day, wearing the same sort of clothes just to be sure! Yay!

So to really boost my second weeks weight loss, especially as it's Easter, I need to:
* Drink more water
* Don't scoff all the chocolate
* Be more adventurous with the evening meals
* Distract self and stop thinking about food constantly! Haha.

Wish me luck for week two!

This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. received a two week meal plan & products to review. All opinions are my own.

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