Ant World & Worm World {Review}

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My little ones absolutely love bugs. They will often go out into the garden lifting up stones to look for woodlice, searching my plants and collecting all the slugs and snails (I do encourage this! haha) and watching beetles scurrying across the patio. Last year we looked after and watched some caterpillars turn into butterflies in our little butterfly garden! I knew my little one would absolutely love to try out Ant World & Worm World - and learn more about some different bugs!

Ant World
Ants are such interesting little creatures aren't they? I really do find them fascinating! They are so smart and strong, with the ability to create their own colonies. We've been trying out the fantastic Ant World kit, which is part of the 'My Living World' nature kits from Interplay and I was very excited to allow my little ones to learn more about them!

The Ant World kit provides everything you will need to set up your own ant farm - apart from the ants! The kit includes plenty of information, includes instructions and encourages you to collect your own ants but if you'd rather buy some, you can do so here. Included in the kit is; plastic housing, shades, stickers, magnifying bowl, pipette and sand.

 If I'm honest, I was a little worried about ants escaping as I connected the different parts so they could climb through into the main area, but I only had one escapee and I managed to get him back in! After a week, the ants have began to make a tunnel through the different layers, but they've spent most of their time outside in the tubes! Hopefully in a few more days they'll head towards the middle!

Worm World
I also chose the Worm World kit, because worms are just as fascinating and clever, not to mention, good for your garden! Worm world allows children to watch how worms behave, and what they actually do whilst underground and how valuable they are to us! The kit includes; plastic housing, shade, and different coloured sands for tunneling. Worm World was much easier to set up, and the little ones pretty much did it themselves. We wanted to look for our own worms but we couldn't actually find any at the time, so I ended up ordering some again. (If I'm honest, I didn't really want to take any worms from my garden as they were taking care of it!). The little ones and I really enjoyed watching the worms wriggle and bury themselves throughout the different layers, whilst we regularly fed them with some dead leaves placed on the top. If you look closely, you can see a little worm poking out, but I'd really recommend using a different colour soil, as opposed to compost! It's so dark and it can be hard to spot them!
Both of these kits are really great products, and an excellent way to teach little ones about nature and the little creatures that live in our gardens, and why we need to take care of them. I really recommend these kits for any little ones who love exploring and looking for bugs!

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