Cute Little Air Plant Vases {Craft}

Clay is one of my favourite materials to use, and I definitely don't use it enough. I find if I don't have a definite idea of what I'm going to make, I end up letting the clay get too dry while trying! I've got a few air plants that needed somewhere to live, so I decided to create some fun vases for them out of clay!

I absolutely love how these little fella's have turned out oh my gosh. Seriously, they're so dinky and adorable, I definitely recommend you making some of your own. {This post contains affiliate links}

You Will Need:
* Air Plants
* Skewer
* Air Drying Clay
* Acrylic Paints
* Black Paint PenPermanent Marker

1. First of all you'll want to warm the clay up a bit in your hands to make it more easy to manage. 
2. Roll a little bit of clay into a short, fat sausage shape (but a bit more rectangular) and flatten the top and the bottom, so it stands up.
3. Use the skewer to make a hole in the top, and give it a wiggle so the hole becomes a tiny bit bigger. Big enough to snuggly fit a pencil in.
4. Allow it to dry, at least 24 hours  and if you need to, add a base layer of white paint.
5. Once dry, add whatever colours you wish to your little pots, and once that's dry you can add the freaking adorable faces!
6. Pop your air plants in and display them proudly!

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