DIY Tropical Print Canvas

I've always loved the tropical print look. The holiday vibes and summery inspiration it can bring to your home! I realised I didn't actually have anything remotely tropical in my home so I decided to whip up a little tropical print canvas.
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I realised that, last year I bought these super cute water colour pastels and hadn't actually tried them out yet - so I thought what better time than now!
To make this tropical canvas you will need:
* Water Colours
* A Canvas
* A Paintbrush
* A light green pencil
1. I started off by sketching the leaf shapes all over the canvas, all different angles so some were off the page. I used a light green pencil for this, and pressed very lightly.
2. Then I filled in the leaves with 3 different colours of water colours, all different shades of green.
3. Next I used a paintbrush, dipped in cold water to blend the colours together and let it dry.
4. And done!
Sure it doesn't look neat, or fancy but that's why I love it! It looks messy and handmade - and that's fine by me! What do you think?

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