Home Decor and Electronics From Inateck {Review}

There's something so special, so much nicer about wooden decor and furniture isn't there? It's stylish, calming, much more beautiful than any cheaper and less long lasting alternatives. {This post contains affiliate links}

I was given the opportunity to review a few products from Inateck, including these beautiful wooden lamps. The first lamp is this lovely Tomons Wooden Tripod Beside Lamp.  I love the chunky look of this lamp, and the white lampshade looks beautiful against the sturdy wooden legs. It's a really good quality lamp and creates a soft, warming light - which makes it ideal for bedroom lighting, but it also would be perfect for creating a cozy, comforting ambiance in the living area during the evening too. I feel like it brings a lovely Scandinavian vibe to the home as well, but with such a classic yet simple design it would suit any type of home decor. (Available from Amazon too)

Second is the fantastic looking Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp. I've been looking for a lamp for my desk, as that's where I tend to be during the evenings. As soon as the lamp arrived, I loved the look of it. It's really stylish, but minimalist, only being made of wood, metal and fabric covering the cord. Although it is a pretty standard desk lamp, it's much more aesthetically pleasing and better quality than many other lamps of the same price - it looks far more expensive that it costs. What makes this lamp even better is the fact that you can adjust the height and angle to the exact position you need. (Available from Amazon)

Aside from the gorgeous wooden lamps, I was also able to review a fantastic little USB wall charger. It's a fantastic, versatile little plug that allows you to switch from UK, EU and US sockets, with 3 different charging ports, meaning you can charge 3 separate devices all at the same time. It saves so much of our kitchen counter space, not having to have leads and different plugs all plugged in at the same time! You can charge iphones, Android phones, tablets, Macbooks, ipads, everything! It's such a handy little gadget, I don't know how we coped without it before. (Available from Amazon)
All in all, I am very impressed with Inateck products. They are high quality products, and the lamps in particular are really stylish and aesthetically pleasing. The only issue I have had is that the lamps only came with EU plugs, which meant I had to buy my own UK adapter plugs.
This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. received these products to review. All opinions are my own.

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