5 Tips For Moving House With Young Children

Moving house is difficult at the best of times. So much to plan, schedule, pack and unpack. But moving with children, especially younger children means a whole lot more to do. As well as sorting out yourself, and the house, you'll have your little ones to sort out too - and preparing them for everything moving house means. Whether you are moving miles away or just down the road, a new house mean a new chapter for all of you. I'm sharing a few tips today from some fantastic bloggers, all about moving house with your little monkeys!

* This is a collaborative post

Keep Them Busy During The Moving Process
If you can have them out of the house for moving day, it will make the whole day much easier for everyone. See if they can stay with their grandparents, or perhaps book them in for an extra day at nursery. It's not going to be much fun for them, and it will be a lot more stressful for you, if your little ones are running around.

Have A Good Clear Out
Moving house is the perfect opportunity to declutter your items! You don't want to be filling a new house with items you forgot you even owned, and haven't seen in years. It's also a great idea to reduce the amount of clutter and toys your little ones have.

Keep Your Little Ones Favourite Things Close
Pack the items your little ones will need that day, pjs, their favourite toys and bedding in a seperate bag so you know where they all are as soon as they're needed! Another fantastic idea is to allow your little ones to pack their own favourite items. A few favourite toys, and some activities that they can keep with them at all times. I've spoken with my little ones about moving home in the near future, and my little girl got so worried we'd have to leave all of her stuff behind!

Prepare Them Well In Advance
Moving house is a lot to process for a child, so it's important to prepare them well in advance. Talk to them about it on a regular basis, and discuss any worries they might have. Show them photos of your new home, and even discuss where items might go. Don't forget to keep photos of your old house though for them to look back on.
I love Isablog's idea of letting your children watch Inside Out before you move. The film not only shows them moving house, but it obviously discusses a lot of emotions too.

Hire A Moving Company
You are going to need all the help you can get when it comes to packing up and moving! It's one less thing for you to deal with, and it should mean atleast your boxes will be where you need them to be when it comes to unpacking. Hiring a mover is a little luxury we all deserve when it comes to moving house with young children!

Thank you to all these fantastic bloggers for contributing to this post - Little Big And Me, Isablog, Northumberland Family Diaries, Cup Of Toast, MyBump2Baby, A Slice Of My Life Wales , Chloe Louise Gibbons & Mummy Cat Notes 

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