The Worst Parenting Advice We've Ever Been Given

When you are expecting, there is nothing and no one that can prepare you for becoming a first time parent. But as soon as you showing a bump, the "advice" comes rolling in. Parents-to-be soon find out that everyone and anyone, have super duper important words of wisdom they have to share. I have found out it doesn't stop once the little one is born, I still receive it now, and my daughter is one. Most people mean well letting you know their experiences, but is does get irritating. Sure, some of the advice is useful, but sometimes it's just ridiculous.

I wanted to share today some of the gems that we have been 'advised' when it comes to parenting. I'm not one to turn down helpful suggestions or advice, but when it comes down to it - we tend to know what is best for our babies.

Let your baby cry!
As long as the baby is fed & changed, then they are just moaning for attention. They are just trying to manipulate you, so leave them to cry for as long as you can. Both my little ones suffered from reflux and they just weren't comfortable, which meant they cried, a lot. Leaving them to it couldn't possibly help could it, and unfortunately this is one of the most common pieces of advice given!

" If the baby is crying too much, just pop them outside on their own in the pram" - Just Average Jen

" We shouldn't respond to all the cries from our two week old. They're just trying to manipulate and control us" - Isablog

If your child starts biting, bite back!
If your little one is going through the biting stage, and won't listen to you telling them off,
when they bite you, bite them back! Sure, it'll hurt, but it'll teach them it hurts and not to do it again. My little boy went through a horrendous biting stage, you literally had to pry him off! Still doesn't mean I would bite him to stop it!

" A lady at Target once told me I should bite my 3 year old in retaliation for her biting her little sister " - Where The Heart Is

Don't smother them!
You shouldn't cuddle them, kiss them or tell them you love them too often. You're just spoiling them. This advice literally makes me laugh. I will hug & kiss & tell my children I love them all day long. My little ones are so loving, kind and caring and I firmly believe that is down to showing them how much I love them since day one! 

" 'I shouldn't let my baby fall asleep on me'..she was tiny at birth and I wanted her to feel as content as possible in those first few week, my heartbeat was the only thing that settled her, now at the age of 2 she sleeps perfectly fine without my influence!" - Mummy Cat Notes

One piece of advice I remember hearing when pregnant was "Stop breastfeeding when your baby gets teeth!" Yeah sure it might be uncomfortable if they have a little bite, but that is absolutely no reason to stop until you are both ready, and it's generally an accidental biting! Plus, did you know some babies are born with teeth?!

" 'I should put baby rusk in the last bottle before bed, to help my eight week old sleep through' I can't begin to tell you everything that's wrong with that statement!" - Soph Obsessed

" You can't combine formula and breast. You have to pick one." - Arepops

" 'I should help my daughter's allergies by giving her a little milk to build up her tolerance' She has a protein syndrome and last time she had a reaction she had a seizure and ended up in hospital" - Katy Kicker
Sleep when baby sleeps!
"You'll be exhausted as a new parent, so you should always sleep when your baby is sleeping." This is sort of good advice, but it's really annoying to hear repeatedly. Most people cannot sleep when their baby sleeps, we have other things to do!

Another along the same sort of lines " 'The cleaning can wait'. Wait until what? Until the magical cleaning fairy comes and cleans for me? No, sorry, If I don't keep on top of the washing and cleaning as best I can then there's only going to be more and more to do. I'll run out of clean things before I know it! Perhaps they should say 'I'll do some cleaning for you, where shall I begin?' ! - Lylia Rose
Dress your child gender-appropriately!
"Boys cant wear pink, purple. Girls cant wear blue, green etc"
"People need to be able to tell the difference, and you don't want the child to be embarrased!"
"Cut his hair or he will look like a girl" son is 2 years old (!) - Life As Mum

What's some of the worst parenting advice you have been given?


Unknown said...

Oh worst advice....that is tricky. Maybe to take my child for a drive to get her to sleep. Turns out she hated the car and screamed blue murder until I released her from the hellish metal prison! I do agree with the sleeping when they sleep though. I didn't do it with number one but with the second baby I was totally on it. As they got older I even scheduled their afternoon naps to coincide so we could all sleep - oh happy days!

Stevie - A Cornish Mum said...

There is nothing worse than people trying to be 'helpful' and offering parenting advice you haven't asked for nor want!

Stevie x #TwinklyTuesday

Brandyn Blaze said...

Oh, I've heard all of these! It did get extremely annoying! Now that my daughter is 2 I get all sorts of other advice, most of it contradictory, about when and how to potty train, how to deal with tantrums, what to do with picky eating never ends!


Unknown said...

Tehe good post...made me smile especially about all the kisses! My Mum is on at me to potty train but my girl I think is a bit too young. We have had 1 poo and she was scared when she saw it! All the advice eh? Just do what feels right xx #twinklytuesday x

Rachael said...

I have no idea what the worst parenting advice I have ever heard was - probably when I was still BFing Luke and he was only about 4 days old and my milk was coming through. My (at the time) in - laws came round and they were pissed at me for being in the bedroom with Luke feeding him and when I came out we chatted and everything was fine until Luke needed feeding again. She literally would not let me feed my child, she said he had me wrapped round his little finger. He was FOUR DAYS OLD. The woman, gosh...she's mental.

This post really made me laugh, it's so ridiculous the rubbish that people come up with. The biting your child one - i have never heard of that, why on earth would you bit your child?! Ray xx @ #twinklytuesday

Anonymous said...

Yep, I had most of these (apart from the biting back ... but my little one only has two teeth at the moment!).
My worst piece of advice was probably to starve my baby of milk so he'd eat solids ... he was already quite happily having his milk and three meals a day at this point!
Alana x

Unknown said...

Funnily enough, I DID bite back — and it worked too!! When you have two children in close proximity, who can't communicate yet, biting seems to be the best form of attack!! Thankfully one bite from mama seemed to put a stop to it!!

I've heard most of these, over the last two years, but my stock answer to any helpful 'advice' has been — do you have twins? This generally stops them in their tracks!! Unless they do! And then I'm all ears!! ;) Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday x

Caro |

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! Some of that advice is ridiculous!
I'm not surprised you 'Caro' did bite back, apparently it's quite common!

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