Worry Eaters - Cuddly Monsters To Help Ease Your Little Ones Worries {Review}

Worry Eaters are a family of vibrant and adorable little monsters, who have the amazing ability of helping to ease your little ones worries and woes. 
Worry Eaters are a fantastic way to encourage little ones to open up about things that they are worried about, or approaching more difficult situations. Your little ones simple write or draw a picture of whatever is worrying them on a scrap of paper and pop it into their monsters mouth, zip it up - and the monster will "eat their worries". Not only will this help your little ones to relax and feel able to express their concerns, but it will allow you to find out and talk any issues your child might be struggling with.
My little girl is starting school next month, and although she's excited, I can tell she's got some worries too. It's perfectly understandable, starting school is a huge step, a massive change to a child's life so they are bound to have some worries and issues they are unsure about. 
The concept of the Worry Eaters is so clever, unique and perfect for the times we live in today. Children need to feel like they are allowed to express their emotions, and talk about how they are feeling as these little monsters are the perfect way to encourage this. They are really such a smart and sweet idea. 
Worry Eaters are available in many styles and sizes, you can purchase them at www.sensetoys.com
This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. received these products to review. All opinions are my own.

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