Splosh Cleaning Products {Review}

Our planet, in particular, our oceans are absolutely chockablock full of plastic waste. Plastic bottles are one of the worst problems as we all go through so many plastic bottles on a daily basis. Drinks bottles, beauty products and especially cleaning products, and the problem is only getting worse. People are buying more and more cleaning products in plastic bottles, for all different purposes, all of which claim to do different things. But our obsession with buying 100 types of cleaning products is costing us our planet, and swamping our earth in plastic and this needs to stop

Splosh have come up with an excellent solution. They are a fantastic company that allow you to stock up on your cleaning products, whilst reducing your plastic waste and saving the environment along the way. Over at Splosh you can stock up on whatever cleaning products you wish, and yes they do come in plastic bottles - but the trick is, you refill those bottles. So instead of throwing away each bottle as you use it, you keep and refill it each time. 

So at the start of your Splosh journey, you order whichever bottles you want. I went for the starter pack which includes - 
* Non Bio Laundry Detergent
* Washing Up Liquid
* Bathroom Cleaner
* Kitchen Cleaner
* Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Delivery was super quick, and all my bottles arrived securely in a box, surrounded by what looked like polystyrene pellets, but was actually environmentally friendly starch packaging!

When you are ready to refill your bottles, you simply send off for some using the app or website and they are posted out to you. Plus, the refills fit through your letterbox! Amazing!

I personally loved every single product I received in my starter pack, not one has disappointed me even slightly. The Non Bio Laundry Detergent in Cotton Flower scent is amazing. Literally amazing. The lid of the bottle allows you to pour out just the amount you need per wash, so you don't overuse and waste any product. It's surprising how little you actually need. So far, so good - it's cleaned all of our clothes really well and our washing smells SO good, and so fresh!

The Washing Up Liquid in Grapefruit scent is fantastic. Again you only need a small amount, and it goes really far. It cleans well, and creates a lot of bubbles.

The Bathroom Cleaner in Spearmint & Melon scent is amazing, absolutely my favourite product I've tried out. It just smells so good, and it cleans so well, leaving my bathroom sparkly clean and streak free. 

The Toilet Bowl Cleaner is in Mint & Eucalyptus scent, and it works really well alongside the bathroom cleaner. My whole bathroom smells minty fresh, I love it! I am honestly surprised by the toilet bowl cleaner the most. I've tried other toilet cleaners in the past, and nothing has ever been as good as the trusty bleach. But I have to say, Splosh's toilet bowl cleaner is better. It cleans up really well, removes stains and smells divine. 

Last but not least, the Kitchen Cleaner in Clementine & Lemon. If there's one cleaning product I absolutely couldn't live without it's a kitchen cleaner spray. I don't use it sparingly, and as a result, I go through quite a lot of it. I am a huge fan of Splosh's kitchen cleaner, it cleans my counters really well, leaves my sink sparkly clean and once again smells totally amazing. (I may have already used up my first lot and had to order a refill!). 

So, in summary - I am absolutely 100% a convert. I love every single one of the Splosh products I've tried, they all work fantastically well and make my home smell delicious! Ordering refills is super easy, and no plastic waste either! So what more could you ask for? A beautiful, clean home and you're doing your bit for the environment too! I really recommend trying some Splosh products out for yourself!

This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. received these products to review. All opinions are my own.

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