Eco-Friendly Home Makeover Tips

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When giving your home a makeover this year, why not make sure it is a green one? Not, not the colour green… You can enhance your home’s image whilst being eco-friendly and, therefore, limiting any damage caused to the environment – it’s a win, win situation.

Take a look below to see some suggestions for eco-friendly changes you can make to your home…

Paint one wall with natural or low VOC point
Painting just one wall in a room is something which can create a dramatic effect and looks highly fashionable. It presents you with the opportunity to add a wealth of personality and energy into the room in question. Nevertheless, pay attention to the type of paint in which you are going to buy. Synthetic paint possesses dangers and thus it is recommended that you source out natural or low VOC paint. These are great because they utilise organic products and thus are considered a positive way of decreasing air pollution.

Add some old-school glamour with net curtains
Net curtains have soared to the forefront of fashion because they possess that vintage quality which is very much popular in home design at the moment. Their dainty and antique appearance is something which can add a wealth of character to any room in which they are placed. Net curtains are a great choice because they allow natural sunlight to enter the room and so there is little need to utilise light bulbs in the room in question. This is highly beneficial because light bulbs can be damaging to the environment. Incandescent light bulbs use a lot of energy to function which is obviously a big problem. And then there are compact fluorescent bulbs which use mercury – an element which is again harmful to the environment.

Add freshness to the room with bamboo furniture
Wooden furniture is something deemed to be highly fashionable at present, and because of its timeless quality, it has been popular for a while and probably always will be. Bamboo is a type of wood which is highly popular because it possesses a lightness to it which is refreshing and will brighten up any room; whether you opt for bamboo worktops in your kitchen or a bamboo coffee table in your living room. Furthermore, it is a material which is highly durable, water resistant and of course... eco-friendly! This is because they are free from all the pollutants which you find within most pieces of furniture. If you’re worried about too much wood, there are always rugs for sale online that can add a cosy and homely quality.

To conclude, if you consider one of the three tips mentioned in this article then not only will you benefit from added style to your home, but you will also be doing your bit for the environment as well.

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