8 Easy Halloween Party Games For Children

Every year my family and I have a little tradition. As my little ones are a bit too young to go trick or treating, or go to a full blown party, we like to have our own little party at home. Have a few spooky snacks and play some fun games together. So I wanted to put together a list of a few easy to do, halloween themed party games you could try with your little ones, and perhaps a few of their friends this year. 
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Apple Bobbing
You've got to start with good old apple bobbing! Possibly the easiest game to set up, but it's a classic halloween game you just have to play! Simply fill up a large bowl or bucket with water, and add apples! The apples will then float on the water. Each player takes turns trying to grab an apple using only their mouths!

Monster Bean Bag Toss
Using a big cardboard box and some beanbags, you can easily make your own DIY Monster Bean Bag toss game! Plus your little ones can join in and make their own monsters! Take it in turns to see how many bean bags you can get into the little monsters mouth!

Halloween Treasure Hunt
Think along the lines of an Easter Egg Hunt, but Halloween themed! You could decorate your garden using fake cobwebs and other creepy decorations. Maybe you could hide a few mini pumpkins around for everyone to find, or you could turn it into more of a scavenger hunt using clues!

Toilet Roll Mummies
Divide the players into teams, at least 2 in a team. In each team one player must be the mummy. The other team members must race to completely wrap up their mummy in toilet roll! You can either end it there and whoever is wrapped up first, wins. Or you could make it more difficult and say that everyone needs to be a mummy, meaning everyone will need to be wrapped up!
Pin The Wart On The Witch
Using the same concept as 'Pin the tail on the donkey' but instead you'll need to pin the wart on the witches nose! Using a blindfold, each player will take turns trying to get the wart stuck on the right place! You can easily make your own version of this game, but if you don't fancy DIYing it, you can purchase the game instead. 

Halloween Bowling
Halloween bowling is such a fun, but easy game to set up. You can make your own game with your little ones using these super instructions, (plus, there are other ideas of ways to play here too!)

Decorate A 'Pumpkin' Competition
For a most calm, and creative activity you can get your little ones to decorate their own pumpkins! The perfect activity for winding down a party, and you can either use oranges to decorate or you can buy some cheap mini fake pumpkins!

The Doughnut Game
Grab a few ring doughnuts and hang them on a string attached to the ceiling (or somewhere else up high, tree/door frame etc). Each player must try and eat their doughnut first, again using only their mouths - no hands!

Will your little ones be having a Halloween party this year?
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