5 Ways To See The World When You Have Kids

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I still have some amazing memories from holidays I went on when I was younger, and so it’s really important to me that my children get to experience that too! The first holiday we went on with the kids was to Weymouth and it was so much fun, it’s got me thinking about all the other amazing places we’d love to visit as a family in the next few years.

It can seem daunting to travel with children, but it’s an amazing way of creating incredible experiences and memories and even learning along the way! Here are five ways to see the world when you have kids.
Consider the destinations
As amazing as Disney World is, it’s important to remember that it’s not your only option. If you get your children used to travel, there are so many more places you can take them than you’d originally thought! For example, Rome might seem like more of a romantic city for two, but children will love learning about the gory history, and taking part in gladiator school! It’s a great way of really immersing them in history and having fun at the same time.

Amsterdam is another good example. Although your original opinion might not seem very family-friendly, there are actually so many fun things for children to do, from the zoo to the playgrounds, and an interactive science museum.
Do it bite-sized
There’s a theory that you can only travel if you go off for months at a time, exploring places without wifi, with nothing but a large rucksack. When you have children, that isn’t necessarily the best way, but luckily it’s also not the only way! Opt for weekend breaks or short week-long adventures. Choose hotels over hostels and don’t feel like you can’t opt for a little bit of luxury or convenience. However it works for you is the best way when you have kids.
Start a tradition to document your adventures
When you have kids, they are likely to want to collect something in order to show the places they have been. According to the Secret Traveller by 1Cover tacky souvenirs like miniature versions of monuments are just more tat that will clutter up your house. However, as parents, you will know that children love tat! Why not choose something like fridge magnets or postcards that you can collect from each place you visit – this will limit the different types of overpriced souvenirs and give you all something nice to look back on.
Consider a cruise
A family-friendly cruise is a fantastic way to see the world and keep your sanity! Rather than having to keep your kids occupied on a flight, cruises have all sorts of entertainment, clubs, and games while you are travelling between places, that your family will enjoy just as much as exploring the new countries themselves.
Get them involved
There are plenty of age-appropriate ways to get your children involved in planning your travel adventures. Show them the different places you are visiting and where you are going to stay, and perhaps ask them what activities they would like to do. This will help them feel excited, rather than nervous about a change in routine. Making a creative countdown to the day you leave will keep the excitement going, and give you a visual way to illustrate how long it is until the big day! So what’s stopping you? Grab a globe and get planning – you won’t regret it!

Let your children explore too
When your children grow up, you'll want to encourage them to explore on their own. For example if they are of secondary school or college age, they might be invited to visit exciting new places. Imagine going on a New York school trip with your friends! Always encourage this if you can as it will build a lifelong love of discovery and travelling!

Do you have any top tips for travelling the world when you have children?

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