Hospital Bag Essentials For When You Are Having A Baby

There are 101 lists online of what to pack in your hospital bag. Lists from mum's who've been there/done that, lists from brands, a million and one items you should take, and 5,000 items you 'should take' but won't even end up using. 

I've put together a list today (yes, another) of items that I will be taking with baby #3, and a few things I wish I had taken with me the first two times!

Personally I love this little list, which includes a few things I've forgotten each time too! But if you want a really detailed checklist of what to take with you, I'd suggest having a gander on Pinterest. 

I've never actually owned a really nice changing bag. First time round, I used a standard black messenger type of bag, and with number two I used a variety of large handbags or rucksacks. But I've never actually had a really..pretty one! Which is pretty ridiculous as it's something you'll be carrying around with you for quite a while, so you deserve a nice looking one!

Backpack style changing bags are my absolute favourite! They're so much easier to carry around, just fill it up, pop it on your back and your good to go. Backpacks are easy to clip to your pushchair, while still being able to open it, plus if you are babywearing, it means you can be completely hands free!

I absolute fell in love with the print of this bucket zip backpack changing bag! It's such a gorgeous pattern, but not to masculine nor feminine. Meaning you can use it whether you have a girl or boy, or whether it's mum or dad out for the day with baby. 

It's a really good size for a changing bag, and the pockets are every parents dream! SO many pockets!  It has the main pocket inside with many different compartments, and a key/dummy clip, a hidden pocket at the back, thermal pockets at the front and even a secret pocket for your phone. Honestly it's an amazing bag, really well made, sturdy and spacious - but so beautiful too!

One thing I completely forgot to pack with baby number 2 is dry shampoo! I couldn't believe it when I hadn't packed it as I was desperately rummaging through nappies and baby clothes after my little guy was born. For us parents, dry shampoo is an absolute godsend! Batiste has always been my go to dry shampoo brand, and you really can't fault it at all! These little travel size bottles are the perfect size to pack into your hospital bag.

When I went into hospital with baby number 1, after she was born and snuggled down for the night I was desperately in need of a good cuppa and some chocolate. I asked the midwives for some but they didn't have any, all the vending machines were switched off or out of order and it drove me crazy. After all that hard work, I just wanted some chocolate! I will be absolutely 100% sure to bring some with me this time round!

Nothing can prepare you for the absolute explosion that is baby's first nappy change. Especially if it's your first baby! (Now this is completely personal choice but..) I could not have coped without good old wet wipes. I read that you shouldn't use wet wipes on babies, at least for a good few weeks, that you should only use cotton wool and warm water. I decided to prepare myself, and took both cotton wool and wet wipes when my eldest was born, and I have to say I couldn't have done cleaned up the first explosion without wet wipes in hand! These Aqua Wipes are an amazing alternative to normal baby wipes. Not only are they made of 99% pure water, they also contain soothing aloe vera and are even biodegradable! I will definitely be stocking up on these wipes, and also packing some in my hospital bag for baby too!

After having a baby, you feel like you are padded up and covered from every orifice of your body! You wouldn't have it any other way though, as you need the padding to be comfortable! But one thing you absolutely 100% need to pack in your hospital bag is breast pads. Whether or not you are planning on breastfeeding, you will still need to stock up on breast pads for when the milk starts flowing! 

Maternity briefs are another absolute essential for packing in your hospital bag! When I gave birth to both of my little ones, I stocked up on these briefs and I cannot fault them. They are so handy for after you give birth and your experiencing what feels like the heaviest period you have ever had, you don't want to be ruining your best undies! Plus, if you have a c-section, you don't want any underwear that might touch or rub you, so these disposable briefs are ideal.

Your first post-birth shower is never going to be a pleasant one, and you have to be incredibly careful of what (if any) sort of soap/shower gel you use. It's probably best to not use anything down there for the first few showers, but if you absolutely crave that clean feeling, I'd recommend using Femfresh soothing wash.  The wash is hypoallergenic and soap free meaning it is safe for use on intimate skin after giving birth. I will absolutely be packing some in my hospital bag, and I will decide at the time whether or not to use it. If not, I will be using it at home instead during the sensitive recovery period!

Maternity Pads are an essential for any hospital bag too. You could decide to go with a few packs of jumbo sized pads, but I'd really recommend these specific maternity pads. I stocked up on them during both my pregnancies and they are fantastic. Really absorbent and comfortable to wear.

You cannot forget your trusty toothbrush and toothpaste! You might not want to pack an entire full size tube of toothpaste so these nice travel sized toothpastes from Arm & Hammer are ideal! The perfect size for taking to hospital, and they wont take up much room in your bag. Plus they are made with natural products including baking soda and activated charcoal!

Energy drinks is something I have never packed in my bag before, but this time around I really want to. Perhaps one for after birth, and one for the morning after. You are going to feel absolutely drained, and you'll need all the energy you can get. I've heard great things about the raspberry Lucozade, and I will definitely be stocking up if I find any!

With my little boy, one thing I forgot to bring with me, and I desperately needed was lip balm! Your lips are so dry after sweating so much and staying in a dry hospital environment, lip balm is definitely something you need to pack without a doubt. I always recommend Nivea brands, when it comes to moisturising!

 What would you consider an absolute essential for packing in your hospital bag?
This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. received some of these products to review. All opinions are my own.

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