Christmas Gift Guide For New And Expecting Mums {2018}

So you've picked an adorable gift for the new baby but what about the mama? She has (or will have) gone through a huge experience and she deserves a treat too! Pregnant Mums or New Mums need to prepare for those sleepless nights, loss of self care time and total exhaustion so any gifts that will help look after mama are all good gift ideas. I'm sharing a few items today that I think would be perfect for any new/expecting mums - and I should know! 

P'ure Papaya Skin Care
If there's one thing that definitely falls by the wayside after having a baby, it's self care. It's such a tiring and difficult time for new mums and the last thing you tend to think about is looking after yourself. But these fantastic P'URE Papayacare products are the perfect, multi-functional and easy to use products meaning you can still take the time to look after yourself.

The Papaya Ointment is made from 100% natural ingredients, meaning it can be used by every family member, even new babies! It's a really moisturising and nourishing product that has so many uses! It can be used on dry or cracked skin, as nipple cream to soothe breastfeeding nipples, or even as a nappy cream for new baby.

The Papaya Renew Cream has a multitude of uses too, but it can mainly be used to improve the look of stretchmarks and scars, while softening and hydrating dry and sensitive skin. With a natural, non greasy formula, you can't really go wrong!

Countdown To Baby Book

The Countdown To Baby book is an adorable cardboard pregnancy tracker, that you simply pop out of the book and assemble in seconds. It makes such a sweet decoration but it's also a lot of fun to countdown the days until baby's arrival! It also allows you to mark down milestones and different events that happen throughout the pregnancy. It's a really adorable, easy to put together book that would make a wonderful gift for any expecting mama.

Babycchinos Changing Bag

One thing any new mum would love to be treated to, it's a new changing bag! I absolutely love backpack style changing bags as I feel they are so much easier to carry around, and of course for a changing bag - it needs to have a lot of storage!

I really love this gorgeous Bucket Zip Backpack Changing Bag from Babycchinos, and the print is just beautiful! It's perfect for baby boys or girls, mums or dads as it's not too masculine or feminine, it's just lovely! It's a fantastically well made changing bag and it's got SO many pockets! 

Let's Care For Baby Book

This is hands down one of the most adorable books I have ever seen. Although it's aimed at young children who will soon have another sibling, Let's Care For Baby is a really sweet book for you all to read together. With cute illustrations, lift the flaps and tabs to pull, it's a great way to encourage your little ones to get excited for the new arrival and teach them some responsibility at the same time. 

Messy Me Clutch Bag & Mini Mat
The Messy Clutch Bag from Messy Me is a gorgeous, compact changing bag for mums on the go. It's a great size, one that you can just carry in your hand or pop in your handbag and it's perfect for quick trips out. Particularly useful for mums of young babies, when you simply cannot leave the house without a nappy or two! All Messy Me products are made of functional, wipe clean oilcloth material which means no stains and easy clean ups! (Again, perfect for mums of newborns!) Plus this beautiful clutch bag also comes with a foldaway changing mat, with matching print and made of the same oilcloth material. It's a fantastic, versatile little product!

Ms Pomelo Nursing Bras

Ms Pomelo is a plus-size bra specialist store, selling a gorgeous range of underwear for beautiful women. Why not treat the new mum in your life to a couple of stunning nursing bras this Christmas. The perfect gift which is not only functional but encouraging the mum to feel glamourous and good about herself at the same time.

The Mama Chic nursing bra is a gorgeous coral pink colour, offering an elegant alternative to those nasty basic bras for breastfeeding mums. The bra offers full coverage, with no underwires but full lift and support. It's a really beautiful bra, excellent quality and so comfortable!

The Happy Mummy nursing bra is a beautiful, bright but subtle yellow colour. It's the perfect nursing bra for ladies with fuller chests, keep their breasts comfortable and secure in a supported, non wired bra. The straps are wider on this bra to prevent back pain and balanced the weight and it's really easy to unclip each cup for effortless feeding, while remaining totally stylish and gorgeous!

I really recommend these nursing bras for any new, breastfeeding mum. They are so comfortable, functional and beautiful at the same time. Plus Ms Pomelo donate £1 to the Pink Ribbon Foundation for every bra sold!

Pure Potions Skin Salvation Products
Pure Potions are a fantastic skincare company, creating products that are free of fragrances, petrochemicals, colours or unnecessary ingredients. Full of organic ingredients, their products are suitable for all skin types and ages - even babies. 

The Skin Salvation Intensive Facial Oil is a wonderfully hydrating product. Made from a blend of oils known for their rejuvenating properties. It's an excellent product for dry or sensitive skin, but also brightens and repairs tired or dehydrated skin. Just what every new mum needs, trust me.

The Skin Salvation Organic Moisturising Cream is such a versatile, simple moisturiser. It's easily absorbed into the skin and perfect for a daily, all over moisturiser. I absolutely love products that can be used all over, as opposed to having separate products. It's really a fantastic product, and it's excellent if you suffer with dehydrated, dry or eczema prone skin. 

The Skin Salvation Omega Rich Cleansing Oil is a 100% natural cleanser, meaning you can safely remove your make up each day without damaging your sensitive skin and at the same time, removing impurities and giving your skin the nourishment and moisture it deserves!
The Pure Potions products can be daily to protect and nourish delicate skin, or weekly as part of a relaxing self care routine! 

Botonique Non Alcoholic Drinks
Botonique are a delightful, alcohol free alternative to wine. Perfect for those who cant or don't want to drink during the festive season, but still deserve a treat! Many 'non alcoholic drinks' are overly sweet not to mention full of calories! But Botonique is low in calories and full of vitamins and nutrients too!

The Botonique Blush drink is a gorgeous blend of strawberry, rose and bramble with a delightful array of herbs and spices. It's definitely not your typical 'non alcoholic' soft drink!

The Botonique Original drink has more of a dry, citrusy flavour. With slight tastes of basil and other herbs and spices it gives it a really unique 'dry white wine' flavour, without the alcohol content!
The perfect soft drinks for new or expecting mums during the festive period! All the fun and flavour, without the alcohol!
Indulgent Slanket
New or expecting mums need to make time to relax and recuperate. What better what to relax than to snuggle on the sofa under a delightfully soft throw. But this is no ordinary throw! The Indulgent Slanket from Find Me A Gift provides ultimate comfort in the form of a large, snuggly, ,fleece blanket with a big pocket for your feet, and sleeves to keep your arms warm! You can be completely covered up and tucked up, but still have the use of your arms while cozied up on the sofa!

What do you think of my ideas? Which item is your favourite?

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