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Happy 2019! I know I'm a tad late, but I honestly can't believe how quickly this month is going by! We are going to be a family of 5 before you know it! I'm heading into this new year feeling really good actually, I'm feeling positive, productive and really ready for our new family member to join us. I've already taken a few steps towards my goals and it feels amazing!

I was recently tagged by Life As Mrs D to take part in the Top 7 of 2018 post. As I said, I've already taken a few steps towards my goals for the year, but I'd really love to positively look back on 2018, and dive straight into 2019!

My 7 Favourite Posts From 2018

Self Care Ideas When You've Only Got 5 Minutes Spare - I'm all about self care and I genuiely believe none of us do enough of it, but especially parents! It can be near impossible to find the time, so that's why I loved sharing my 5 minute self care ideas!

Peppa Pig World Grand Preview Event - It was so exciting to be asked to review the new rides at Peppa Pig World early on in the year. It's the first 'event' I've been to, and my little ones had the best day!

Making Yourself A Priority - Another post about taking care of yourself, but an important one! Making yourself a priority is hugely important and it's not something we tend to do without prompting. Particularly when you are a mum, you always put everyone before you and you shouldn't!

Autumn Maternity Style From Want That Trend - I really loved working with Want That Trend earlier on in the year, their dresses are incredibly comfortable and made me feel so good about myself! It also kick started me taking me photos of myself, which is something I never did before.

Succulent Plants Thank You Teacher Gifts DIY - I loved creating these cute little gifts for teachers during the summer. They were so simple to make, cheap and fun too! Plus they were all greatly received! Definitely something I will try again.

5 Easy Steps To Begin Your Zero Waste Journey - I started off 2018 with lots of fantastic plans, and I was really getting into zero waste, then as the year continued I slacked a bit, unfortunately. But these are really easy tips to get back into the swing of things and I really want to take them on board again this year. 

11 Wonderful Ways To Spend Time Alone - And last but not least, another self care post! All about making the most of your time alone. Whether it's 5 minutes or an afternoon, spending time alone can be a wonderful thing!

7 Things I Loved About 2018

Self Care - I've been taking care of myself more this past year, and it shows! I've stopped caring about all the little things that I used to be insecure about, and I'm going into 2019 with a positive mindset!

Becoming Pregnant With Baby #3 - I've been wanting another little one for quite a while now, I was feeling constantly broody and it was getting me down, so I was so excited when we found out. I've been really embracing this pregnancy too, as I know I'm going to miss my bump when it's gone.

Making New Friends - Since my little girl started school, I've made a few new friends and improved relationships with others. I'm not the type of person who has a lot of friends so it feels really nice to have a few close ones with which I have a lot in common!

Watching My Little Ones Grow Up - It's been a really big year for change. My little girl started school, and has completely transformed into this confident, clever 5 year old. My little boy is still at nursery, and after struggling for a little while being without his sister, he's really bloomed and his personality shines through him, plus his speaking has improved a huge amount too. I'm so proud of them both.

Working Harder On My Blog - This past year I've been working a lot harder on my blog (atleast up until now!) I've earnt more money this year, and had some fantastic opportunities too. I really feel like I'm getting somewhere!

Getting Far More Organised! Towards to end of last year I decided to join in with The Organised Mum Method of cleaning, and I really love it. My house is clean, organised, tidy for once! It's not too strenuous a routine, that I can do it even now at 38 weeks pregnant. I really recommend having a look for yourself. It's genuinely making a difference to my well being!

Spending Christmas Together As A Family - Although we were a bit low on funds, this Christmas was really lovely. We spent a lot of time at home, just enjoying each others company and I really enjoyed it. My little ones are at a lovely age now, where they can truly embrace the magic and it was wonderful!

7 Things To Look Forward To In 2019

Baby Number 3!  Of course this has to be top of the list, and she should be here anytime soon now! We've got everything ready to go, I've pepped myself up! We're ready, so feel free to make your appearance anytime cutie!

Spending More Quality Time As A Family - There's no such thing as too much quality time. I want to live in the moment more, stop constantly finding something to do and spend more time with my babies and husband. I'd love to go on more days out together too.

Continue Looking After Self - Something I never used to do, but I feel pretty about myself recently. My confidence has grown, and I'm much happier in myself.

Seeing Where My Blog Will Go - I'm so excited for 2019, and seeing what new opportunities and experiences it will bring. A lot changed for me in 2018 regarding my blog, so I cannot wait to see what happens next!

Watching My Babies Grow Up - Yes, they've grown up so much this year but I cannot wait to continue to watch them grow up, letting their personalities shine through and develop into these smart, loveable little humans! My little girl will be moving to Year 1 this year, and my little boy will be starting Reception too so big steps for both of them!

Achieving My Goals - I haven't put too much pressure on myself this year, in regards to my goals. I mean, with a new baby on the way I cant commit too much! But I really excited about the goals I have planned, and the fact I've already started a few of them is only a good sign!

Embracing And Appreciating Life As It Is - If you can't already tell, I'm going into 2019 with a positive mindset! No more I wishing things were different, trying to change things that are out of my control. I full intend to embrace life with open arms, share the love, and appreciate the little things that life brings our way.

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