7 Car Safety Tips To Check Before You Drive

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It's important to check the safety of your car on regular occasions. Whether you are driving a short distance, or perhaps driving far on holiday, you need to ensure your car is safe and ready to drive. I am sharing with you some tips to make sure you are fully prepared for your next trip! 

Check your oil, and fill up with fuel!
(Surprisingly easy things to forget, but very very important)!

If you're going on a long trip, take your car in for a checkup before!
Check wipers, check fluid levels, little tune-ups.
If you are travelling a long distance, it's important to make sure your car is in tip-top condition!

Fix any issues you have, take it in for repair or DIY!
If there's something that needs to be repaired, you could perhaps try DIYing it and fix it yourself. You can learn about maintenance and repairs online, or find your nearest auto repair centre. 

If you have children, please make sure they are sitting in a suitable car seat.
Under 3's are not allowed to travel without an appropriate car seat. Be safe & sensible.

Check your wheels
Wheels can regularly suffer light damage that can easily be fixed, but if you may need to call in a professional if the damage is more serious or noticeable. Alloy wheel repair can include polishing, painting and general refurbishment.

Pack emergency supplies!
Simple things such as a first aid kit, snacks, blankets and a torch. But also things such as jump leads and petrol cans are important things to keep in case of emergency!

Inspect your tires
Ensure you are using the correct tyres, and are keeping them well maintained. Tyres get worn, and it's important to inspect them and keep them in great condition.

Keep your car clean & organised
Ensure you only carry what you need, unnecessary baggage in the boot is not good for your car! Try to resist eating or drinking in your car, and make sure you remove all rubbish every time you step out of the car! Check out some of these fantastic tips. 
If you have children, you might want to invest in a car seat organiser, to keep all of their bits & bobs stored neatly, and in one place! 

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