The Benefits Of School Trips & Places To Visit!

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School trips were always such an exciting part of school life. They were something you'd always look forward to, and would more than likely be the first time you would stay away from home by yourself, so it would be a huge step for you and your family. I definitely remember getting home sick the first time I stayed away from my parents, but I absolutely loved that school trip and still remember it vividly (even though it was about 18 years ago!).

The benefits of going on school trips are huge! From promoting good behavior and responsibility to giving your children the opportunity to see new things, stimulate their curiosity in an exciting, less structured environment. If it's something you as a family are able to afford, I definitely say let your children free and explore the world for themselves, among their peers.

One of my favourite school trips was when I was doing my German GCSE's and we went to Berlin. It was such a new, interesting and exciting place to visit and I still remember it clearly now. I learnt so much more about Germany and World War Two than I ever would have from sitting in a classroom, it was an amazing experience! I'd have loved to have visited France, Italy or even America as a teenager though, as I know people who have! How amazing would a New York school trip be?! I also asked a few other bloggers what fantastic school trips they remember going on as a child! 

"I went skiing in Canada in year 10. It was so amazing. As part of the trip we got to see Niagara Falls which was epic. Really was a trip of a lifetime for a school girl!" - Mummascribbles

"I went to Disneyland Paris when I was in sixth form (17 years old). We attended seminars during the 3 day trip to learn about how they put different marketing tools into place, customer service etc. I was studying leisure and recreation at the time and it was really interesting to see how a real company put what we had been learning into place. Of course we also had time in the Disneyland parks which was fab!" - Mum Of 2 Point 5

"I went skiing in Italy for a week when I was 12 and at Secondary school. It was the best school trip! My friends and I still talk about it now! - Suburban Mum

"We went to Paris is year 8 and it was amazing! I definitely didn't appreciate it at the time but we saw the Mona Lisa, went on the Seine, went up the Eiffel Tower and spent the day in Monet's Garden. It is my dream trip now as an adult but I loved it as I got to sit by my all time crush the whole way there and back" - Twinderelmo

"I went to Austria and Germany to watch the Passion Play when I was in Year 9. The play is 5 hours long and is performed by residents of Oberammergau every ten year. Amazing trip." - Mum In The Moment

"I went on a cookery course to Italy with school when I was 13. It was amazing! We went to Venice and the beach and even to a nightclub (they opened early for us). We learnt how to make gnocci and pasta too. And we ate lots of ice cream" - The Incidental Parent

I am very jealous of all of these fantastic places everyone visited as a child! I've always wanted to visit Venice and I'd have loved to have gone on a skiing trip!

Did you go on any amazing school trips as a child?

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