{AD/Review} Home Furnishings From Wayfair

Wayfair is an online homeware store that offers a wide range of products from furniture, decor, storage and even outdoor items. With over 14 million items at affordable prices and an easy to navigate store, Wayfair can help you create a home you absolutely love!
I was recently kindly given an opportunity to review a few pieces of furniture from Wayfair.

Aragone Trunk

I've always loved the look of ottomans. Not only do they look great but they provide extra seating and the essential extra storage we all need! We ordered the Aragone Trunk in black and I really love the look of it. When it arrived, I must admit the trunk appeared to be a bit flimsy, but when we put it all together I was surprised just how strong and sturdy it is! It's so simple to put together and it would look lovely in any room of the house. Plus the storage space is bigger than it looks and it's perfect for hiding away those bigger, more unsightly toys! I'm even contemplating using it as a coffee table. I'm very impressed and I'd love to buy a few more for other rooms!

Bali 2 Tier Shoe Stand Rack

We seem to have a never ending amount of shoes in this house! We don't even own that many pairs, they just seem to end up all over the house! Before we ordered this fantastic Bali 2 Tier Shoe Stand Rack our shoes were stored in an ugly and overflowing basket! This shoe stand makes everything look so much tidier and more organised. It's incredibly easy to put together and it's a good size, without being too wide. It is quite a thin and fragile piece of furniture which mean you can't store anything heavy on it but it's perfect for our family of 5 and a couple of pairs of shoes each! Overall I am impressed, it does the job, looks nice and you can't really go wrong when it's such a bargain!
Wyatt Isabelle Single Bunk Bed

My two eldest monkeys have been begging me for bunk beds for months now, and since their little sister came along I figured now was the time to get them! I've been impressed by Wayfair beds in the past so I knew what to expect. I decided to order the Wyatt Isabelle Single Bunk Bed in white, as white seems to go well in any room, not matter the decor and in my personal opinion I much prefer metal beds to wood. It didn't take my husband too long to put the beds together, about 15 minutes I'd say and it comes with guard rails and the ladder included. My little ones absolutely love their new beds and I love how they look too! I've very pleased I went with white as it means whatever bright, colourful childrens bedding is on the beds, it won't clash with the bed itself. The beds are really strong and sturdy (they can hold almost 20 stone!) so I've got no worries about the slats or the ladder breaking. I really love the bunk beds, I can't fault them at all! 

I love all my items from Wayfair, I'm very pleased with them all!

Have you bought anything from Wayfair before?

This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. I received these products to review. All opinions are my own.

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