How Can You Reflect Your Personality Within Your Interior Design?

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These days, we're used to people reflecting their personality in the individual way that they dress, however some homeowners are still unsure when it comes to bringing a little of themselves to their interior design.

Whether you consider yourself to be a luxury connoisseur with expensive tastes or whether you see yourself as a collector of eclectic items with a quirky attitude, you can reflect those preferences in the way that you style your home's interior.

Your home is your comfort zone and your special place, so don't be afraid to customise it in the way that you want, and create an extension of your own personality that you can revel in every day. Here are some ideas to inspire you to tailor your décor to reflect your passions.

Reflect Your Hobbies
Perhaps you love art and design, and have a passion for painting and sculpture. Don't hesitate to showcase your own work in your living spaces as well as displaying other beautiful pieces which inspire and delight you.

There's no need to worry too much about cohesion or following a particular trend or colour scheme. Instead, play up the funkiness of your hobby and freely add items that you feel an affinity for to your collection. Extend your art theme to your wall coverings, choosing bold geometric wallpapers or beautifully stencilled detailing. Creativity is key, so never feel restricted.

The Natural Touch
If you are passionate about the environment and always strive to live a more eco-friendly life, reducing your carbon footprint as much as possible, you should consider bringing this element of your personality to life in your interior design. Upcycled furniture and items made from natural materials such as reclaimed wood, cork or hemp will perfectly capture this theme. For example, a hand-made table carved from a tree stump, a woven hemp rug or a pretty natural bamboo blind are all ideal suggestions.

Let The Light In
If you have a particularly dark home, or are looking for new ways to brighten up the place and let in more light, why not look into upvc roof lanterns? They are an affordable choice and will add a little luxury and modern look to your home.

Literature Lovers
Whether you just can't get enough of the classics, or whether you can't put down your favourite vampire fiction, a book lover's home can be the perfect reflection of their passions for literature. Shelving is key to showcasing your hobby, and floor to ceiling bookcases are the perfect way to display your book collection.

Be inspired by your favourite stories when it comes to choosing artwork and decorations for your spaces, and make sure to create a cosy reading nook as part of your home makeover. A comfortable corner dedicated to all things literature will give you a space of your own in which to relax and lose yourself in a good book.

The Modernist Approach
Perhaps you're a lover of all things cutting edge. If clean, minimalist lines are a perfect reflection of your forward-thinking personality, you can emphasise this in your home décor by opting for plain white walls, industrial-style lighting, and faux brick tiled features for a contemporary look.

Sleek silver works well with this theme, reflecting your love of the technologically advanced, and by replacing door and drawer handles and your balustrade components with stylish metal options, you can be sure of a beautiful and eye-catching look.

Choosing the Colours for You
Perhaps you have a fiery and passionate personality, or perhaps you are relaxed and laid back, taking everything in your stride. Perhaps you are light and airy, always floating from one thing to another, or perhaps you long for peace and tranquillity in your home environment. The key to that expression is to choose the right colours to match your moods.

Vibrant reds and oranges will reflect your passion, while bright yellow reflect sunny happiness. Green is a peaceful shade that promotes relaxation, while pale greys and light blues perfectly capture the dreamy nature of the unsettled spirit.

When reflecting your personality in your home décor, it isn't all about the big things like the walls, floor and furniture, it's about small details too like ornaments, artwork, balustrade components and fittings. By making the right choices to complement your tastes, you will effortlessly express yourself through your design, ensuring that your home is the perfect fit for you.

If you are looking for ways to express your own personality through your interior design, visit and discover an impressive range of brackets and clamps that will give your staircase or balcony a look to perfectly match your passions and preferences.

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