How To Pick Out A New Sofa

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The sofa is the heart and soul of a family home, so the quality, type and materials of the next one you buy can have a surprisingly big impact on your life. There’s unfortunately no such thing as a “perfect” sofa, but there are so many brands and styles out there that you’re bound to find something eventually.

Style doesn’t always translate to strength, and flimsy furniture is a bad idea if you plan to use it constantly. The more durable and well-built a sofa is, the less likely it is to collapse under you. The good news is that stronger sofas are usually the ‘industry standard’, so most companies will have that area covered fairly well as long as you aren’t doing anything you shouldn’t be.

Material strength is definitely a priority. Stronger materials won’t break or tear as easily, which can stop your furniture from being ruined by a stressed pet or energetic toddler. Certain types, like Chesterfield sofas, are designed to be more durable at the cost of being bulkier than modern designs.

Sofas can take up a lot of space, which can be a problem if you’re trying to buy one for a smaller room. Careful measuring is the key to buying something that you know will fit: a lot of sofa designs have bulky corners and rounded edges that can make them seem bigger or smaller than they really are, so keeping exact notes on the amount of space you have can make it much easier to narrow down your search.

Not everybody cares about home design and fashion, but some trends don’t last very long. Buying a sofa because it follows a popular trend, colour scheme or brand can be a great idea if you get it early before the prices skyrocket, but it can start to a bit cheesy or desperate if the trend dies off

Choosing something timeless is the best idea, which means that you can easily narrow out anything with a gimmick or trend attached to it: the best sofas are ones that are plain enough to fit into any fashion craze.

Eventually, your sofa will start to break, either from being used or because something ends up damaging it too much to use it again safely. You need to plan out replacements before you buy any piece of furniture, especially sofas. Is it the kind of sofa that you can fix with replacement parts? How long would the shipping take to get a new one? Would you be able to carry the broke sofa back out of the room safely?

Different sofa styles use different materials and material underlayers, and these can completely change how comfortable you’ll feel while using them. Not all kinds of leather and fabric are identical, with some being softer and others being easy to clean, so it’s a good idea to do your research and find out what you’re actually paying for.

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