Is Telehealth The Future Of Medicine?

The future of health care and medical advice?

*This is a collaborative post

Telehealth is using technology or telecommunication to give medical advice and diagnosis' between medical professionals and patients. Whether it's over the phone, online or via email it's the new way of keeping in touch and discussing matters with your health professionals, without having to physically be in the same room.

At my local doctors they have recently set this up and I am really impressed. I can order repeat prescriptions, speak to my GP, book appointments and keep notified of any upcoming appointments all online. It saves me so much hassle and time and I can still carry on with my day to day, without having to travel to the doctors surgery.

Telehealth is mostly focused on keeping in touch and being closely involved with a patients well being, in particular if they have a long term condition. It may be as simple as a quick email or telephone check up, or as advanced as checking blood pressure and monitoring disabilities or mental health issues. 

Teleheath is also an option if you are having regular appointments with a therapist, health coach or other health professionals, so you can both save time having a quick chat without having to travel regularly. 

The benefits for both the health professional and patient are undeniable. It allows the patient to understand their condition and manage it better, while the health professional can stay in touch and be proactively involved in the patients well being no matter where they are. 

"I've used it once to get another log of tonsillitis on my record without having to actually go to my GP. I was home feeling ill and had both kids, so I didn't want to drag them to the GP, even if I had managed to get a same day appointment. It was a mobile app video call with a GP. Brilliant idea!" - Scrapbook Blog

"I have a chronic skin condition, and the medication I take required constant monitoring with a Dermatologist. Which is fine, except my treating hospital is 20 miles away and I work full time. To combat it, I have monthly telephone appointments with staff at the Dermatology department to check over my monthly test results, get an update on how the condition is and make any changes to my prescription...It's so so much better than having to book half a day off every month to go for routine appointments and no doubt frees up their time to see to more pressing matters!" - Planning Spree

As you can see, the benefits of telehealth are endless. We live in such a busy world nowaday, so finding ways to make everyone's lives more productive and efficient is important. Using technology to communicate means we can all get on with our lives without having to take time of work, or struggle to find childcare when we need to receive healthcare. As mentioned above, it also means that healthcare professionals can spend more time focusing on the more urgent matters instead. I definitely think telehealth is the way forward!

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