14 Ways To Embrace Hygge This Spring

Hygge is all about living a healthy, happy life. A life for appreciating the little things, living in the moment, spending time with loved ones and having a cosy sanctuary to relax in. It often feels like Hygge is something that can only be enjoyed and experienced during the colder months, but that's not true! 

14 Ways To Embrace Hygge This Spring

Plant Seeds
Getting out in the garden is such a lovely feeling. Planting seeds outside not only helps to get that essential Vitamin D, but it helps bring new life to your garden and watching something grow from a seed is so satisfying. 

Get Outside Whatever The Weather
Speaking of going out in the garden, getting outside in general is so good for you and makes you feel happy. So whether the sun is shining and you can relax in the garden, or the rain is pouring, grab some waterproofs and wellies and go out and enjoy it. I promise you'll feel good!

Let The Light In
Open your curtains and let that gorgeous sunlight in, even if it's not a particularly sunny day, it'll make you feel better letting the light in. If it's a warmer day, open some windows too to let that wonderful Spring air into your home.

Brighten Your Home With Flowers
Having fresh flowers in your home can do wonders for your mood, not to mention how beautiful they look! They can brighten up any mood and always help you feel in more of Spring mood! Treat yourself and buy a bunch, or even pick some of your own from the garden. 

Read A Good Book
If you've been putting off or not being able to find the time to pick up that book you've been meaning to read - now is the time. If the weathers dull, make yourself a cuppa and snuggle down with the book or if the sun is shining (who knows, it's England!) grab a blanket and a few cushions and head outside to read a few chapters!

Enjoy A Picnic Or BBQ
The perfect way to spend some quality time with loved ones during Spring, and enjoy good food at the same time. Why not host a bbq for your family and friends, or even head to the local park with a delicious picnic?

Practice Self Care
Self care is important all year round, but during the warmer seasons taking care of your skin is essential. Why not pamper your feet ready for sandal season, or apply a moisturizing face mask? Self care isn't just about pampering though, it's about taking time out just for you. Perhaps that's filling in your bullet journal, meeting with friends or even just taking a nap in the sunshine!

14 Ways To Embrace Hygge This Spring

Visit A Market
Outdoor market are really happy places to be! They're always so full of life, bright colours, delicious smells and lots of wonderful things to buy. You could try a farmers market, fruit and veg market, clothing market, whatever you fancy!

Spring Clean
It might not seem like the most fun way to spend Spring, but it's so satisfying and uplifting to your mood when your home feels all fresh, clutter free and clean!

Go On A Bike Ride
I used to go on bike rides all the time before children. Just getting outside in the fresh air, not specific place to go, just enjoying the ride! It's such a wonderful feeling. You could go alone with nothing but the wind in your hair, with your partner as a romantic date or even make it a family event!

Bake Something Delicious
Why not try some delicious new recipes using in season ingredients? You could even invite a few friends over for dinner, or cook along with them! It's a great way to try new things, use seasonal ingredients and spend time with loved ones!

Light Candles
Candles are a Hygge essential, and they are not just for cosy Autumn nights. Candles can be used all year round, and they really help create a lovely atmosphere - plus they can make your home smell amazing too. 

Leave The Lights Off
The days are getting longer, there's much more daylight than during the colder months. Which means you hopefully don't need to use the main lighting in your home too often. We only have the one upstairs light on for an hour or so at night during Spring! Why not light a few more candles, and dim the lighting to create a calm, cosy atmosphere in your home. (Of course, be sensible though! If you have children running around, blow out the candles and turn on the lights!)

Exercise Outdoors
If the warmer weather is making you too uncomfortably hot to want to exercise, never fear - go outside! Whether it's doing your normal workout on the lawn instead of in the living room, going for a long walk with your little ones or going for an early evening run, get outside! Get some exercise and Vitamin D at the same time - you're sure to feel amazing for it!

Do you embrace Hygge in your life?

14 Ways To Embrace Hygge This Spring

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