80's Movies You Need To Watch Like Right Now

The 80's produced some of my favourite movies of all time. They are just such classic films. The gorgeous crazy outfits, the amazing dance moves. I definitely should have been born in the 80's. Movies today are just not the same. Remakes, revamps, sequels and films based on books or games. Safe bets. They definitely don't make movies like they used to. Today myself, and some other bloggers are going to be sharing some of the 80's movies you need to watch. Asap.

80's Movies You Need To Watch Like Right Now
#10 Heathers
This is an amazing movie, although it's a bit more of a grown up movie. The tagline is a killer comedy. It's the best thing I've seen Winona Ryder in, and bonus..Christian Slater. About a girl who tries to be part of the popular crowd, meets a rebel boy and decide to..well...kill the popular kids.

#9 Pretty In Pink
The first John Hughes classic in the list. Molly Ringwald is amazing, Jon Cryer..dancing. Seriously though, that dancing scene is like one of the best movie dancing scenes ever. It's such an iconic 80s movie. 

#8 Dirty Dancing
This clearly had to be on the list didn't it. I mean if you havent atleast watched this one, where have you been? I love 80's Jennifer Grey. (She reminds me of my mum, haha). The dance moves, the quotes. Patrick Swayze. This movie has everything. 

#7 The Lost Boys
This movie terrified me the first time I watched it, I was quite young. After having rewatched it a thousand times, I love it so much. The first "horror" film on the list, but it's such a good one. About two boys who move to California, and meet a gang of young vampires. Kiefer Sutherland is one of them. Need I say more?

#6 Pretty Woman
Julia Roberts stars in this amazing typically 80's romantic comedy. She is fantastic in it, and it's such a great story line. If you haven't watched this, why??

#5 St Elmo's Fire
Perfection. Starring the all the 'brat pack' actors, its just an amazing perfect 80's movies. Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, and Ally Sheedy. It's just such, such a good movie.

#4 Footloose
Kevin Bacon..dancing. Tells the story of a teen who moves to a small town, where dancing is banned. I love John Lithgow in this movie, and look out for a younger Sarah Jessica Parker!

#3 Little Shop of Horrors
And now for something completely different. I freaking love this movie. I remember when I was younger, I literally watched this movie everyday with my siblings & cousins. Rick Moranis, Steve Martin even Bill Murray. It's such a ridiculous, cheesy, amazing film.

#2 Ferris Buellor's Day Off
Matthew Broderick stars as a high school teen determined to have the best day off school. I'm afraid if you haven't watched this, we can't be friends. Ultimate song/dance scene in a movie ever

#1 The Breakfast Club
My favourite favourite 80's movie ever. Five teenagers, each a member of a different high school clique spend a day in detention together. The dancing, the quotes. This. Movie. Is. Life.

I then asked some fellow bloggers to share their favourite 80's movies, here's what they said;

Back To The Future! Every time! Or Star Wars... or Die Hard... or Back To The Future??? There are so many great ones, I can't pick one! @ Dad's Sofa

Nooooo don't make me choose a fave 80s film! Die Hard for sure tops the list... but Ghostbusters 2 is a must. And Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. And Beverly Hills Cop.... I could go on!  @ Becster.com

3 men and a baby!! They don't make films anymore like they in the 80's! They were the best!  @ Happy Mummy

Hubby asked how do you expect him to pick just 1 😂 he's gone with Die Hard. He says it was the pinnacle of action movies for the 80's and Alan Rickman was just amazing!! (Which we can't deny) @  A Blogs Life

Baby Boom! I love Diane Keaton and I could easily watch it on repeat  @ Emily & Indiana

80s films are the best! Stand By Me @ Living With A Jude

John Hughes classics all the way! Who doesn't love Ferris Bueller's Day Off? And The Breakfast Club which also happens to have one of my all-time favourite songs in its soundtrack. Oh, but also Labyrinth. Labyrinth has to be the winner! @ Quite Frankly She Said


So there you have it, 20 movies from the 80's you need to watch. Immediately. Why haven't you put Netflix on yet? ;)

Are you a fan of 80's movies? If so, what's your favourite?

80's Movies You Need To Watch Like Right Now

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