Updating Your Bedroom For Autumn

It's nearly back to school time, which can only mean one thing - Autumn will soon be here! It's absolutely my favourite season, so I cannot wait! Autumn is the time to get cosy which means it's the perfect time to update your bedroom, clear out the clutter and turn your bedroom into a comfy, welcoming sanctuary. The perfect place to snuggle up during the chillier evenings with a cup of hot chocolate, and a good movie

Updating Your Bedroom For Autumn
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Add some new throw blankets
If you want to create a cosy haven, throws and cushions are an absolute essential. Keep your bedroom warm with a variety of seasonal blankets, you'll want thicker throws for the really chilly evenings and some lighter throws for creating that snuggly feeling without getting too hot. 

Trying placing a few decorative or Autumn scented candles
Candles or low mood lighting are perfect for creating that gorgeous cosy atmosphere. If you have pets or children, it's probably best to keep candles out of reach, or just use them for decorative purposes. Even if they are not lit they can make your bedroom look & smell amazing! Why not try looking for some seasonal Autumn scented candles to really set the mood?

Treat yourself to a beautiful new bed
If you fancy really revamping your bedroom, why not treat yourself to a beautiful new double bed! With a comfortable memory foam mattress, gorgeous seasonal bedding and an abundance of throws and pillows - you won't want to leave your bed ever again! 

Bring the outside in
One of the best things about Autumn is the gorgeous scenery and nature. Falling leaves, crisp wind and scattered pinecones. Everything about it is just so beautiful. Why not bring the outside in and really embrace the lovely season by bringing it into your bedroom. You could add some mini pumpkins in the window sill, hang up a cute wreath above your bed, or even make some Autumn inspired garlands to decorate your walls. 

Create a snuggly cave with a fluffy rug
Whether you have carpet or hard flooring, rugs can make a huge difference to the look of your bedroom. You could try a snuggly fluggly rug, or perhaps a larger rug with autumnal colours to add interest to your perfectly seasonal, newly updated bedroom!

Will you be updating your bedroom for the colder seasons?

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