{AD/Review} Dietbon Diet Ready-Made Meals : Perfect For Busy Lifestyles

For the past 6ish months I've very much been on & off the weight loss wagon. At the beginning of the year I gave birth to our littlest so obviously losing weight was not a priority, but during late Spring/early Summer I had a burst of motivation and lost a good few pounds! Then the Summer holidays rolled around and all my time & motivation was gone! I've recently got my mojo back and have started running again, and watching what I eat a bit more carefully, so when Dietbon approached me to try out their diet ready-made meals, I was delighted to give them a go!
Dietbon is a French company that promotes healthy, eco friendly and 100% natural, calorie controlled ready meals. It's based on diet meals that are customised to you, and delivered straight to your door - which is excellent if you struggle to find the time to make healthy meals for yourself. 
When cooking for me and my family, I tend to refuse to cook more than one type of meal. We all eat the same for dinner, every day! I feel like that's partly where my diet tends to struggle. I tried to cook healthy, but comforting and hearty family meals and my portion control is second to none! I definitely overfill my plate, and often give myself as much food as I give my husband. So that's why a diet meal plan will benefit me as it will provide me with the correct portions I need to lose weight.
I was put on the 1 week programme which included 6 days worth of breakfast, lunches, dinners, snacks and desserts - as they suggest having a 'free day' as to not put too much pressure on yourself! You need to add your own fruit, vegetables and dairy to your meals though.
The 7th day, or the 'day off'' means that you have the opportunity to cook for yourself if that's what you enjoy, have lunch out with friends, to be able to maintain your social life or even join your family for a roast dinner! Having the 7th day free means that it'll be less pressure on yourself, as you know you'll have a rest day and it means you can still enjoy all the things you love, without compromising your weight loss journey!
One thing I loved before my meals even arrived, is when I had an appointment with a dietician who spoke to me about my regular eating habits and lifestyle, which I honestly really enjoyed! (I am not someone who is confident when speaking on the phone!) but the dietician was understanding, friendly and motivational which was fantastic, and not at all judgemental or pushy. She discussed the plan with me and answered any questions I had, it was the boost of inspiration I needed to get back on track!
When I opened up my box, I was slightly disappointed by the amount of packaging but then I discovered that all the packaging is recyclable, so that's a huge bonus for me!
So moving on to trying the meals themselves!
The breakfasts that were provided were Plain Pancakes (which I enjoyed, as I love pancakes!) and they are preferably meant to be eaten alongside fruit or a yogurt. The desserts provided were Apple & Pear Compote, which I didn't love as I'm personally not a fan of cooked fruit. The snacks provided for the week were No Added Sugar Chocolate Cookies, which I couldn't fault at all - they were delicious! 
Last but not least, the main meals themselves! I was sent 12 main meals which included; 
* Creamy Vegetarian Carrot & Coconut Soup
* Spicy Tomato & Beef Soup
* Whole Meal Salad: Mini Farfalle With Chicken And Sundried Tomatoes
* Mexican Meatballs With Pasta, Vegetables And Tomato Sauce
* Roast Chicken Fillet With Mashed Potatoes
* Sauteed Pork With Diced Vegetables And Bacon
* Salmon With Vegetables, Grains And Soy Sauce
* Chicken Fillet With Rice And Almond Sauce
* Conchiglie Pasta With Pacific Salmon And Spinach
* Ravioli Stuffed With Goats Cheese Pesto And A Tomato And Tofu Sauce
* Spaghetti Bolognese
Many of the meals provided were absolutely delicious! I'm a big pasta fan so I thoroughly enjoyed all of the pasta dishes. The Mexican Meatballs With Pasta was so tasty, I'd happily eat that again tomorrow! I also really enjoyed the soups. They were nice, with lots of interesting flavours and more filling than some of the meals I had tried.

(Mexican Meatballs with pasta & vegetables in a tomato sauce - my absolute favourite!)

I also did really enjoy the chicken meals, as chicken is my favourite meat. They were really tasty, and considering they are cooked in the microwave, the chicken was still really flavoursome and delicious.

I was slightly unsure about the sound of some of the meals, but I decided to give them all a go! As I mentioned, many of them were really yummy and they didn't taste like diet meals, or typical microwave meals at all. 
Although it is mentioned that you will need to top up your meals with fruits and vegetables, the portion sizes were still really small, so you'll need to top up with a lot of extra fruits and veggies. 

Also provided with the meals were two packs of 'Detox tea', one with more fruity flavours meant to revitalise you, and the other type of tea intended to calm and relax you. I'm not a huge fan of herbal teas myself, as I much prefer a good old English brew, but I gave them a go and they tasted pretty good, and they smelt amazing! Haha.

Overall, they didn't taste like your average bland diet ready meals. I find often diet meals don't have a lot of flavour, and these meals were definitely flavourful! 
As I was trying out the meals, I was given a variety of meals to try, but if you were paying for the diet plan yourself, you would be able to choose your own meals from a variety of over 60 different meals!
Over the 6 days, (7 including the free day) I lost just over 2 lb's, which is a lot to me as I've been at a bit of a standstill recently, so I'm pleased about that. 
In general, I am looking to lose some weight, but because my life is so busy with 3 children and work, I find myself snacking so much. I don't eat too badly when it comes to meals, but as soon as the little ones are in bed - the snacks come out. As the dietician suggested, it seems that I 'reward myself after a hard day' and eat all the unhealthy snacks! So that's the area I needed to really work on.
All in all, I was very impressed with the meals that I tried, and the service in general. The meals were well made and interesting to try, and as I mentioned I love the dietician appointment too. It was a real motivation booster! 
The program starts at £44 per week, which might be in your budget, but unfortunately it's not affordable for me, however it was a nudge in the right direction and I'd definitely try Dietbon again if I was in need of a bit of inspiration!
If you were to join Dietbon the rates would be:
1st Month - £76 per week
2nd Month - £67 per week
3rd Month - £59 per week
4th Month - £44 per week
These rates include online group meetings with a dietician each week, dietary monthly telephone consultations, an 84 page guide "My Dietbon guide to success" as well as your meals! If you take into account that £44 is less than £7 per day for all your meals, that's not bad at all!
You can benefit from a 15% discount with the WELCOME code as well as a free 28 Day Morning & Night Detox Tea by using this link!

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