{AD/Review} The New Elli Smiles Doll

Elli Smiles Doll Review

Elli Smiles is the cute new doll that really smiles!
My children really love playing with dolls and they often play babies together, and I cannot wait for my youngest to start joining in the fun too! (I've actually got her a Baby Annabell for Christmas, but Elli Smiles isn't suitable for her just yet). I've always been a fan of Zapf Creation toys, so I knew that the new Elli Smiles would be a big hit!

We were kindly given the opportunity to review the lovely Elli Smiles, and I was immediately impressed with the fantastic amount of functions she has!

Elli Smiles is designed to act and feel like an older baby, and she really does! With lots of realistic baby sounds and movements, including sucking from the bottle or dummy, crying and sweet sleeping sounds too.

If your little ones wear the special interactive necklace she reacts to her new 'mummy or daddy' and gives them a sweet little grin and can even say "Mama" when they are around!

You can give Elli her dummy when she's tired and she will suck on it, and you can rock her to sleep. You need to make sure you stay quiet though, or she'll wake up and start crying!

Elli Smiles Doll Review

Elli Smiles can also drink water from her bottle, and use her potty or you can let her fill her nappy before you change her.

When I was younger, I remember how excited I was when I had a doll that could really go to the toilet, but it tended to mean that it wouldn't be an interactive, electronic doll too. So I'm very impressed that this lovely doll is both electronic and interactive, but she also uses the potty!

Elli has a fairly soft body, making her feel more realistic and she comes in a cute outfit of a dress, leggings, hat and shoes. Included in the box with her is a dummy, bottle, a nappy (can be reused if dried!) and the interactive necklace for her 'parent' to wear.

Elli Smiles is really sweet and soft to touch. Her face is soft allowing it to move so she can smile and make different expressions. She's soft and snuggly like a real baby!

Elli Smiles Doll Review

As I mentioned at the beginning, I am very impressed with the volume of functions Elli has. I've never seen a doll that can do quite so much!

Elli Smiles would definitely put a smile on your children's faces if they were to unwrap her on Christmas Day!

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