{AD/Review} Gorgeous & Functional Storage Solutions From Wayfair

Living in a house with three young children, storage is absolutely essential. The trouble is, you don't want these huge unsightly boxes, or piles of things taking over your home. It's still your home after all too, so you deserve having it looking the way you like it too!

Gorgeous & Functional Storage Solutions From Wayfair Review

So I was excited to be able to review these gorgeous storage pieces from Wayfair. Fully functional but stylish, and my style!

Goff Toy Organiser
This fantastic Goff Toy Organiser has four separate drawers for your little ones to store and organise their toys. (I've got 2 organisers next to each other, as shown in the photo) so it's ideal for my 3 children to separate their toys. The frame is really good quality and easy to put together. The individual boxes are come in a variety of different colours to suit your home decor, and although they are pretty flimsy, they are a great size for storing toys. I really really love the look of the organisers, the grey colour suits our decor really well, and they don't look out of place. Styled with a few plants on top, they fit in perfectly, and you wouldn't know they were secretly hiding mountains and mountains of toys! I've been complimented on them a few times now and I'm so pleased with them. I may need to purchase some more baskets at a later date, but the shelf itself is ideal for us.

Wicker 4 Piece Basket Set
I am absolutely obsessed with baskets, so I knew I needed this Wicker 4 Piece Basket Set! I am always using baskets as they are such a fantastic type of storage, and they allow you to hide all types of clutter, while looking stylish! I've placed 3 of the baskets on my ladder shelf, and they look so good, it wouldn't matter if they didn't even have anything in! (But of course, they do). I really love the look of the baskets, and the different sizes are really useful to store bigger or smaller items in. The baskets are really high quality and the wicker is thick and sturdy so I know they aren't going to fall apart in constant use. As they are such a simple style and colour, it means they can be used in any room, and they even have handles to carry them around which is great. The baskets are practical and perfect for all types of storage.

Brambly Cottage Wicker Laundry Bin
We really needed a new laundry basket, as ours had recently broken. The laundry quickly builds up and we needed somewhere to hide it and keep our home relatively clutter free! Going with the wicker theme I came across this lovely Brambly Cottage Wicker Laundry Bin! The laundry bins come in 3 different sizes, and 6 different colours - I went with Medium size in Grey. The medium size is perfect for the amount of people in our house, even with a 1 year old who is constantly grubby! Haha. I really love the look of this wicker basket, and particularly the fact that it has a cute round lid to hide all the washing! I also love that the cream inner is removable so it can be washed if needs be. It's a simple, but stylish basket and as I mentioned it holds a lot of laundry, without taking up too much space in the house.

Last but not least, although it's not storage, I couldn't say no to this beautiful Ashley Farmhouse Portrait Accent Mirror! I was recently made aware that I didn't actually have any mirrors downstairs, so I needed to rectify that, as mirrors help brighten a room, and make it look larger. I absolutely love wooden hearts, and this lovely faded look mirror is beautiful, giving a slight shabby chic feel. The mirror is a great size, and its made of strong, high quality wood. It'd look perfect in any farmhouse, shabby chic or cottage decor inspired home!

Have you bought from Wayfair before?

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