My 2020 Goals

If you know me, you'll know how much I love writing goals! Even if they are simple things I want to achieve that day, setting goals always makes me feel more positive and they feel fantastic when you complete them! So of course I was going to set some goals for the new year. I've repeated a few from last year, as I either want to continue to do them or work harder on them this year! 

My 2020 Goals

In my personal opinion, I don't think 'resolutions' are ever a good idea, and it feels like you are setting yourself up for failure. By choosing a resolution it means you have to start immediately on January 1st, and if you give up at any point throughout the year, you've failed. Goals are far more realistic and achievable. Things to work towards each month, but with no strict schedule. Something to aim for.

I also think it's important to break goals down into easier chunks. Unlike resolutions, you can take small steps towards your goals each month which makes you far more likely to achieve them. So each week and each month I've got steps to aim towards for each of my goals, and hopefully by next year I will have achieved them all! So without further ado, my goals for the year!

Read At Least 12 Books
Last year I was really awful, and I honestly think I only read 1 book. 365 days and only 1 book, that's ridiculous! So this year I'm determined to read at least 12, which can equate to 1 book a month, or however many I feel like! I've got a few lined up already, and with baby due any day now it should give me more opportunity to pick up a book!

Drink More Water
This is always always on my goal list. I always get so far and then give up! I drink too much tea, and I drink a lot of squash too so this is high on my priorities this year! Over the past year, I've been better at drinking water than I normally do, but I still need more!

Embrace Hygge
We are very much a cosy, comfortable family! We love our hot drinks, candles and snuggly blankets. We love spending time together and just enjoying each others company and that's what I feel Hygge is all about. I really want to aim to embrace Hygge more in my life this year, and ensure my home influences that feeling too. 

Strive Towards Zero Waste
I started off so well this this last year, reducing the amount of packaging I buy, and the amount of plastic we use, but I started to slip towards the end of the year. I'm determined to get back on it this year and really make a difference. Zero Waste is so important, and it's something I firmly believe we should all be working towards. 

Try A New Income Stream/Side Hustle Each Month
Towards the end of last year I was researching making money from blogging and one tip that kept on cropping up was to have lots of different income streams. Money coming in from different places so you weren't just relying on one thing. I've decided I wanted to make this my main goal for the year, to try many different income streams and side hustles by give a new one a go each month. Wish me luck!

My 2020 Goals

Save Money
Another goal that is always, and will probably always be on my goal list! I'm terrible at saving money full stop, and even when I do I end up spending it later on! That completely defeats the point! I've got a few steps in place to encourage me to save more this year so hopefully I manage to!

Commit To A Proper Skincare Routine
As I'm slowly approaching my 30's, it's definitely time to start taking better care of my skin. Don't get me wrong, I remove my make up thoroughly every night, and moisturise twice a day - but that's about it. I need to find out what products I really should be using!

Spend Quality Time With Husband/Little Ones
We do spend quality time together, but there's no such thing as too much. My little ones are always asking me to play with them, and I always seem to find some excuse as to why I can't and it's not fair. I need to just take time to get down onto their level, give them my full attention. It'd be good for all of us. The same goes for the husband, we like our own time to ourselves, but we don't spend enough time together, just us two.

Have A Date Night Each Month
Life is busy, and exhausting, but it's important to spend quality time together as a couple, and as I mentioned above, we don't do enough of this. So it might not be everyone's idea of perfect, but we've decided to schedule a date night each month, plan ahead what we will do and even pop it on the calendar!

Raise Money For Charity
There are millions of ways we can all help raise money for charity, some of which don't really even require much effort or money. I'd like to try something bigger this year, plan or host a charity event of some sort, or perhaps a large range of smaller donations instead. I'm not sure yet!

Have A Normal Bedtime/Stop Working At Night
Something I will definitely struggle with, as I am such a night owl and tend to stay up until 1:30-2ish every night. Therefore, when my little ones wake up at 6am, I've barely slept. It's ridiculous and I'm constantly exhausted, so it's time to stop! I need to make more time in the day to sit down and work, like a normal person! 

So that's my goals for the year, I hope I can achieve them all!
Have you set any goals this year?

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